10 Major Tips for developing high-quality Mobile Apps

by admin ,January 6, 2017

One of the top priorities when developing an application for your business is to create an app that people genuinely want to use. But there is often a significant difference between what the target customers want and what the mobile application delivers. Below are some mobile app development tips to bear in mind to deliver the utmost quality.

high-quality Mobile Apps

Be apt with All Target Platforms

Generally, developers tend to favor one mobile app platform over another and it exhibits in the quality of their work. In fact, mobile apps should be built by experts who are familiar with the specific aspects of all the targeted platforms. In order to understand the feasible features for each platform, carefully read the user interface specifications. If you are acquainted with the behavioural and visual differences and uniformity of different platforms then you can implement them more effectively.

Be impartial:

Try to recognize all the most prominent mobile app platforms. No doubt, you apparently prefer one or two over others, but all platforms have their own strengths. On accepting the differences between app platforms, you will become ardent about designing for each. This will definitely result in exceptional products for your customers.

Try not to Sacrifice Performance for Analytics

For some organizations, mobile applications are more about gathering useful data than about delivering services to the customers. Still, don’t try to impede your application with excessive SDKs (software development kits). Apps that are crammed with too many SDKs tend to run slow, crash often and exhaust battery life at an unusual speed.

Don’t forget the SCALE

There is no assurance for how a particular app will perform in the market. Apps are designed with expectations that they will become a web sensation. It is a negligible risk that your app will be unsuccessful because of thousands of concurrent end users. Always build an app keeping in mind the massive scale distribution.

Don’t build Native User Interfaces (first) for Cross-Platform Apps

The majority of the applications are cross-platform ones, which is necessary if you want your app to be available to a large number of people. Instead, build native user interfaces lastly and save your time and effort by modeling the programming logic off as local web services.

Try to eliminate Redundant Tracking

Excessive tracking can become overly complicated. It becomes difficult to maintain the underlying code (due to repetitive, redundant tracking) as the organization evolves and expands and as the developers upgrade their APIs.

Try it yourself

In case you are not already comfortable with all the targeted platforms, try all of them to check out how they work. The same goes for your app too. Try to think like a user. Would this app cater to your needs? Is it a waste of time or would you keep it on your phone and use it?

Set Up Easy App Integration

Don’t speculate that end users won’t share data from your app through different apps like Gmail or Facebook. Simplify it for the users, by enabling app integration in your smartphone. Though it demands a little extra work, it will make your app more functional and save you from going back and doing it later.

Exploit the Latest Features

Your latest app should not be outdated. Eliminate this issue by always utilizing the new client devices SDKs. If you incorporate innovative functionalities in your app, you will probably be able to draw in a large number of users.

Integrate Different Design Styles Across Platforms

Something that looks amazing on an Android device may not look the same in an iOS or Windows OS device. Each platform has its own aesthetic qualities and it pays to comprehend these specifications before building a cross-platform app. Consider how your branding will be interpreted across platforms and design your app appropriately.

The app market revolves around customers today. Apps are developed on the concept of customer-oriented approach and it is significant to build this kind of apps for any organization to expand. Mobile App Development India delivers high-quality mobile apps developed by incorporating cutting-edge technology for your business endeavors.