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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Android apps that can improve your Business

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The various types of Android devices are immensely popular nowadays. They hence provide a good way to reach out to a large number of target customers. More and more companies nowadays are focussing on developing Android apps. Androids apps have a large us

Top 8 features you need to know in the new iOS 10.2 version

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With the recent launches of iOS 10, iOS 10.1 the new addition to the iOS versions, i.e. 10.2 is going to be introduced in the month of December. But before that the beta version gives us a glimpse of what the latest features will include and what are the

Few Wireframing tools that help in Mobile App Development

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Wireframing tools help developers to understand the flow of navigation of the app. There are various kinds of available wireframing tools that prove to be advantageous for developers. They act as a link between the various stages of development of the app

The iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.3 Update – What it Offers

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The 10.0.3 update which is available in iPhone 7 models has a lot to offer in terms of features and characteristics. The update is less than 100MB and provides some amazing bug fixing solutions. Few things to know about this update include: Performance