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Monthly Archives: December 2016

4 Fundamental security measures for your enterprise mobile apps

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Any giant corporate organization has to make sure that all the data stored within their mobile app is secure. The usage of mobile devices has been increasing day after day with no indication of slowing down anytime in the near future. The utilization of m

Key Build Plans for a PhoneGap App Development Company

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By bringing in web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, Cordova Apache or PhoneGap has introduced a generation of cross-platform app development. This has been considered as a remarkable accomplishment and was acclaimed globally. In 2009, PhoneG

Apple 2016: A year full of positive and negative anomalies

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It's hard to glance back at Apple's 2016 and call it a win-win year for them. Rumors started spinning around in January that this year Apple would publish a notable iPhone update, new Macs and much more. Also, there were rumors about Apple's grand automo

4 Reasons to Outsource Mobile App Development

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Today, mobile users spend about 30 minutes or more on using or surfing applications per day. This advancement is the recent trend that has emerged in the mobile app industry and has become quite rampant in the past few years. The scenario has transformed

5 Best Frameworks for Mobile App Development

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A software framework in a computer programming is a perception in which standard functionality provided by a software can be altered particularly by adding written code, hence providing application-specific software. A software framework is basically a so

Top 5 Trends in Mobile App Development for 2017

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According to a recent survey, revenues around the globe are envisioned to grow astoundingly (for about 962.5%) between the years 2011 to 2017. Not to mention the towering use of applications in the existing markets as well as the advent of new markets, it