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Monthly Archives: January 2017

What features should a travel app include?

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There were times when arranging for a trip on your own was a real struggle, and for others there were travel agencies. As the saying goes “it's a small world”, has actually become true in all sense. As the technology has escalated beyond its par exce

What app development technologies got overlooked in 2016 and what to expect in 2017?

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The majority of the businesses today have transformed digitally due to the evolution of the mobile apps. Over the last few years, we could see an incredible trend hike in the production of smartphones. Also, mobile app development technology is developing

How can Android app Development be the essence of your business?

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Android is an open source OS by Google. Since 2008, it has turned into the most adopted alternative to conventional operating systems particularly in terms of mobile devices. Due to this the android mobile application development has become elemental for

Top 7 Benefits of developing an E-commerce App

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E-commerce app has become more important with the growing popularity of smartphones and that is why it is necessary to develop e-commerce apps that work seamlessly on any platform. These apps can be fully incorporated with any e-commerce portal and provid

Influence of IoT and Mobility on Travel Industry

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Smartphones and mobile apps are making possible for millions of travelers to stay connected and productive as they travel the world. Customer-facing mobile apps are offered by the airlines with the perception that these apps will be the standard connectio

how mobile marketing can boost customer engagement for small businesses?

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In the span of the following few years, it could be expected that your business would run significantly different, mainly due to trending mobile advancement in small scale industry. How does this affect you and your business? Reward! Customers are on the

10 Major Tips for developing high-quality Mobile Apps

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One of the top priorities when developing an application for your business is to create an app that people genuinely want to use. But there is often a significant difference between what the target customers want and what the mobile application delivers.

Which cost model is suitable for your app development project?

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Before the commencement of any project, a cost model is selected for the project development process. Currently, software or projects are developed on the basis of three main models i.e. Fixed Cost Model, Hourly based model also known as Time and Material