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Monthly Archives: February 2017

5 Ways to Increase your app’s visibility on the play store

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Every day more than 1000 applications are added to the play store which makes it difficult for the developers to weather the tough competition. Today, the success of any application is not just bound to its development but it demands consistent efforts to

5 features you should consider adding in your health & fitness app

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With Google and iOS apps ruling the app market, mobile app development is indeed at its pinnacle. Today, we can find apps almost about everything from food ordering apps to cab booking apps to grocery apps to workout and fitness apps. Among all these cate

Six ways to boost your Mobile App Development Timeline

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Startups that develop mobile applications have to endure the constant struggle of developing scalable as well as high-end applications. The longer development cycles poses a challenge to app developers and entrepreneurs as compared to traditional web appl

Influence of healthcare app development on medical sector

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Today, with the advancement in the technology sector, an increasing number of people are becoming more and more mobile-friendly. The advent of high-end performance apps has led to a rapid increase in the ratio of smartphone users. With this escalating pop

5 Essential Tips to Increase App Engagement and User Retention

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For a business that have developed high-end mobile applications, has to consider the two important metrics i.e. mobile app engagement and mobile app retention to calculate the success of their application. As retention and user engagement are two counterp

Why should you outsource your Mobile App Development?

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In this giant wave of mobile applications, mobile app development is beyond the frontiers of big enterprises. Medium-sized and small scale businesses should also start engaging in the development of applications. Application Development can be done in two

How to optimize your Android App on Google Play?

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After an app is developed the next step is to Market it and application marketing demands capital, time and knowledge. App users will keep on going through the virtual store in search of an app that interests them. App entrepreneurs need to add something

Common Mistakes App Entrepreneurs should avoid

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With so many successful applications in the market, overnight success for a new app in the app world is a pure myth. The app industry is going through a rapid transformation where every day thousands of apps are launched. Apps are more than just designing