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Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Influence of Mobile Apps on the E-commerce Businesses

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With the upsurge of smartphones in the market, customers have started buying more and more products from mobile devices than the conventional computers. According to recent reports, total revenue of $770 million from mobile users has been recorded in the

5 Best mobile game development tools

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Mobile game app development has made a breakthrough progress in the last few years. The ceaseless crowding of new mobile devices and OS' presents a constant challenge for game developers to build something better and greater with every game app they devel

What is the future of Android Instant Apps?

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Google during its I/O developer conference in May 2016, declared the arrival of Android Instant Apps. Google’s new Instant Apps are flexible and convenient but would be limited only to mobile browsers for the moment. Users can run a version of a mobile

What Essential Features should be included in a good navigation app?

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Navigation has transformed remarkably from paper to being completely digital. People used to rely on paper maps before but not anymore. Today, you can find any place on the globe just by entering few search characters. Times have definitely changed, peopl

What steps to follow when developing a social networking app?

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Developers are attempting to find as many possibilities as possible in the context of social networking apps. Even though almost all aspects have been explored they still strive to build new social interactions using the latest and existing mobile technol

6 Most Essential Tips to build effective Mobile Apps

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The digital world has been completely transformed with the emergence of smartphones. People basically rely more on mobile apps to carry out their everyday activities. Today, there are mobile apps available for education, shopping, paying bills, healthcare

Why does your business need its own mobile app?

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We get to hear about the endless speculations about the mobile app being the “thing” only for big brands and businesses. Small and medium-scaled businesses don’t need mobile apps for their respective businesses. Well, this is an absolutely false not