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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Mobile app development lifecycle guidelines for every Developer

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When it comes to mobile app development all the steps involved in the process are equally important. Developing a mobile application is a detailed step-by-step process. And what you place into each phase of the process is crucial for the subsistence and s

8 Benefits of cloud computing for your business

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The cloud is just an analogy used for the Internet where you can store and access data and programs over the Internet rather than your computer’s hard drive. The adoption of cloud has been considerably faster than anticipated previously. Despite the var

6 Tips to improve your mobile app security

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Mobile devices have made our day-to-day life quite easy by literally excluding the hassle of going physically somewhere and enabling almost everything online from anyplace and anytime. This mobile productivity is the result of the multitude of mobile apps

How to identify when your app needs a major update?

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Many applications updates are centered on bug fixes, modifications, performance improvement, or maybe adding a small feature. A major update doesn’t come very often, and when it does they come as an addition of new functionalities or a new UX design. Fo

6 key fundamentals to develop bug-free mobile applications

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Today, smartphones have turned into a basic necessity for the people and the thing that makes them so popular is the “mobile applications”. The variety of mobile apps available these days provides so many facilities enabling users to do many things us

How Mobile App Development benefits a small business?

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Today, every large-scale and medium-sized industry is taking their businesses to mobile app platforms. But developing a mobile application can be a challenging task for small businesses and start-ups. They might lack the resources to develop an applicatio

Top 7 Advantages of Hybrid Mobile App Development

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With the rapid advancement in almost every aspect of the mobile application development industry be it platforms, devices, technologies, network models, features, etc., it gets really tough for the start-ups as well as small business to deal with all thes

How can you protect your app idea?

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Presently, mobile app development market is going through a fiercely competitive stage. With such a challenging app market, numerous app development companies and start-ups want to launch unique apps with best features and functionalities in order to surv