4 Reasons to Outsource Mobile App Development

by admin ,December 20, 2016

Today, mobile users spend about 30 minutes or more on using or surfing applications per day. This advancement is the recent trend that has emerged in the mobile app industry and has become quite rampant in the past few years. The scenario has transformed to a great extent from the commencing interest in gaming and news reports to topics like as discrete as e-commerce, sports, social networking, and education. The rate at which this industry is developing is directly proportional to the number of applications accessed on the Google Play and iOS store from a year ago, adding up to an around 5,00,000-application variation between the two years.

The momentum in this industry is because today companies believe in communicating with their customers through mobile devices rather than communicating through the web (the trend of ‘mobile-first’). Any brand who wants to expand in today’s market has to acknowledge the fact that mobile space is rudimentary for their future projects. This trend has influenced the majority of the businesses to invest colossally in the Mobile app sector as an ancillary to their present-day immense online presence. E-commerce company ‘Myntra’ was the first one to take on this transformation, however, in time they moved back to their online presence.

Mobile app development

Where organizations are getting more and more accustomed to the transforming trends of mobile-only and mobile-first, there is plenty of cynicism about whether to build an app with the help of an in-house development team or get it outsourced from dedicated service providers. Well, if we go for in-house development team it would involve less capital risks while outsourcing would provide other numerous advantages. The out-sourcing can be as straightforward as appointing a solo freelancer or as gigantic as hiring a consultancy firm. All in all, outsourcing does make sense as it saves lot of time as well as gives additional time for pre-launch and post-launch marketing

Below are the four reasons as to why you should contemplate outsourcing your mobile app development:

Major Expertise

Application development includes an array of functionalities that has to be incorporated perfectly for a steady timeline. Established App development corporations retains years of know-how in terms of subject matter aspect, industrial skills and technical prospects in both local and global states. Along with this, the relevance of the expertise lets the company the alternative to either outsource the entire process or a part of the app development process. This keeps them aware about the dynamic mobile app industry so as to deliver the best results.

Extensive Research

The advancement of any app development project is based on the expertise to assemble a database of information about both the intended audience as well as the industry. The trademark of any good app development firms is the administration of extensive market research as well as using existing reports. For instance, according to a recent report by MSME, SMEs deal with about 40% of India’s workforce, supporting the need for app development corporations to focus on providing their services to them. Market research like this lets the app development companies establish the best possible method to cater effective results along with expanding their own corpus of expertise about the status of the industry while assuring transparency throughout

Financial Budgets

The foremost aspect to consider before building an app is the required capital to do so. Organizations are always looking for app solutions that meet their requirements at moderate costs. Today, the standard cost of developing an application runs between $50001–$100000, of which the formulation of infrastructure and characteristics accounts for about 50 percent of the total cost of the app. If you go for outsourcing your application then that would cut this cost to a range of $25001–$50000 depending upon fluctuating hourly rates and enables project resources to be used somewhere else, particularly in startups that bears low or limited funding.

End-to-end services

App Development includes the collaboration of many aspects that come in the forefront at each stage of the process. App development companies support end-to-end services from theorization to technical support. Hence, the companies are provided with an ensconced environment amidst which they could experiment in the mobile app industry till they discover a nook that works for them.

Thus, outsourcing is not entirely irrelevant. If you come by an outsourcing plan at the price that fits your budget then it is totally worth the dime and time. Mobile app Development is an India based corporation that provides services in various app development categories at substantial costs.