5 App Store SEO tips to Boost App Downloads

by admin ,November 3, 2017

You had a great app idea, you turned it into a greater app and you also successfully launched your app on the app store. Now what? It’s time to wait! Right? But for what exactly? Waiting for your users to download and use your app? Well, your users are not telepathists that they would come to know about the existence of your app on their own. With hundreds of apps being launched in the app store every month, possibilities are there that your app might get lost or gets buried down in the app graveyard. Scary Enough? Of course yes! You have put in so much time and effort in creating such a great app and now it has fallen short of all the expectations you had with it.

App Store SEO tips to Boost App Downloads


So, what do you think will get your app in front of your users? Possibilities are there that there is already an app like yours in the app store. Yes, it might not be as good as what you have done with your app but their app might be in front of your and their users. Well, this is where Mobile App Marketing comes into the picture.

Mobile app marketing is what will get your app in front of your targeted audience where App store optimization is a crucial part of the mobile app marketing. So what exactly is ASO?

App Store Optimization or ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps with the objective of getting higher rank in the app store search results and the top chart rankings. Yes, you must be having second thoughts about investing your resources in ASO; hence you can read on below to find out how you can use ASO for boosting your app downloads:

Name and keywords

According to a research, keywords in a title can boost the spprankings by 10.3%. Whenever any user carries out a keyword search both Google and Apple’s search algorithms scour the app name for keywords.

Both Google and Apple are inclined more towards the apps with app names that has search input in it. Hence, it is advisable to add some keywords in the app name but see that you don’t overcrowd your app title or name with too many keywords. Try to find some middle ground when it comes to keywords and branding. Let’s see how:

App Name Format

Your brand name should be to the point including not too many keywords. And you can use a dash or a colon to separate both brand name and keywords. For example: “Pandora – Free Music & Radio” or “Amazon App: shop, scan, compare, and read reviews”. Also, remember to use user-friendly characters in your app title, especially for the App store.

App Name Length

If you have developed an app for iOS app store then know that Apple allows app names with maximum 30 characters. Hence, you need to create your app name keeping in mind the mentioned character constraint.

While for Google play store, app name is limited to 50 characters. So what you can do is make an app name that is short and sweet and in the event that your app has an iOS version also, then try to keep your brand name uniform followed by few app store keywords.

App Name Subtitle

App Subtitle is the group of characters that comes under the app name and has a character constraint of 30 characters only.

It’s wise to append some keywords in the subtitle text so that convey your brand value. Above all, the keywords that you used in your subtitle is what will be indexed in app store search.

App Description & Keywords

When it comes to creating app description of the iOS version of your app, know that iOS app store does not scour the app description for keywords.

And for Google play store, you have to be careful with what you add in your app description because Google draws out keywords from your description (hold them as your app’s keywords). When you are writing your app description, make sure that you use your app store keywords in the description along with some simple and practical sentences.