5 Best Frameworks for Mobile App Development

by admin ,December 14, 2016

A software framework in a computer programming is a perception in which standard functionality provided by a software can be altered particularly by adding written code, hence providing application-specific software. A software framework is basically a software environment (reusable and universal), a segment of a large system platform to accelerate the development of software solutions, products, and applications. A system software framework incorporate code libraries, tool sets, programs, compilers and APIs (Application Programming interfaces) which integrates various components to facilitate the development of a system or a project. A framework acts as a foundation for your to be developed application. You can simplify the whole development process by using a framework. Use a framework for developing your application instead of building an application from scratch and dealing with lots of code to make an application that would work on different platforms. Here’s a rundown of frameworks for mobile application development.

Mobile App Development


Ionic ranks amongst the most prominent frameworks available today. Build dynamic and native web applications using this framework. This framework is ideal for creating s a high-performance application and works on all the latest mobile devices.

There is an Ionic market on the Ionic website, a platform which enables you to download projects and templates developed by other programmers. You can build copy and run your application. Ionic lets you analyze any particular application with a component called Lab, on both iOS and Android platform.

You get an effective SDK as Ionic operates greatly with Angular JS. Complex applications can be built with a deft core architecture. You can integrate Ionic with PhoneGap, Cordova, and Trigger.io projects. Ionic is simple, easy to learn, flexible with ergonomic configuration.

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is based on JavaScript and HTML5. It is a flexible framework used for creating a wide array of applications, from complex to simple ones. It provides high-performance UI widgets like forms, lists, menus, toolbars, etc. to the end users. All modules are created considering the major requirements for mobile applications. You can develop remarkable applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry by using the available resources.

It provides high performance with efficient animation of different elements and responds right away to users’ actions with excellent pixel precision. It operates impeccably with other APIs too. Thus, you can integrate different APIs to get the appropriate outcome. Sencha Touch is definite for prompt application development for mobile devices.

Jquery Mobile

This acclaimed framework can be used to build cross-mobile-platform application projects. It includes a wide range of plugins, which reduces the application development time. Application developed using jQuery mobile framework will work perfectly on different operating systems or devices and platforms like Blackberry, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Phone 7, Opera Mobile/Mini, Firefox Mobile, Kindle, MeeGo, and Nook.

There are plenty of archives provided by jQuery to get familiar with this flexible framework. jQuery mobile is created on the jQuery base. Hence, you would not face any issues with this framework if you are acquainted with jQuery syntax. It is powered by Ajax navigation system. It assures error-free, smooth animation of pages. You can create many custom builds on the basis of your requirements.

Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap is a framework published by Adobe Company and has issued many software solutions for designers such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. The PhoneGap framework helps in developing hybrid applications using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It ensures high performance on different devices by assuring zero hardware limits by delivering the application to the target audience.

Also, there are numerous plugins available and the functionality of the framework can be enhanced easily. PhoneGap is in the development stage and there are several third-party tools available currently. You can learn to use it with the help of the provided documentations. The PhoneGap social community will help you out if you face any difficulties in understanding the framework.

You can build applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Ubuntu, Firefox OS, mac OS and Windows Phone. Different debugging tools supported by this framework are Chrome Developer Tools for Android Safari Web Inspector for iOS and Visual Studio Web Debugging Tools for Windows Phone.

Intel XDK

Intel XDK makes your HTML5 applications fast, without dealing with any issues or problems. Intel XDK provides a wide array of functionalities, like supporting of industry-leading plugins and tools. It is the ideal framework to develop and monetize games too.

With the support of the third-party plugins, you can develop a top-quality application in meager time. Plugins may support you with in-app purchasing, publicizing, authentication and use of social media services. This framework consists powerful debugging tools, like Chrome Developer Tools, in debugging JavaScript code, Cordova plugins, DOM elements and CSS rules. You can see how your app operates on various devices with a very specific emulator provided by Intel XDK.

As a framework is the major foundation base of you future application, you need to make the right choice in this department. Mobile App Development India facilitates its clients with application development services using the mentioned frameworks.