5 features you should consider adding in your health & fitness app

by admin ,February 23, 2017

With Google and iOS apps ruling the app market, mobile app development is indeed at its pinnacle. Today, we can find apps almost about everything from food ordering apps to cab booking apps to grocery apps to workout and fitness apps. Among all these categories, fitness training and health apps have shown a remarkable growth in comparison to other mobile applications. These health and fitness apps feature an excellent functionality to monitor the health activities of end-user as well as is available free of cost on the app store. If you are an app entrepreneur who wants to develop a health and fitness application then you must consider including these below features:

Health & Fitness app development solutions.

Activity Tracker

People who are fitness conscious prefer an application that can track their progress 24/7 and motivates them about their physical activities even when they are not working out. There are many applications in the market that can monitors sleep, hunger levels, the intake of calories or calories burnt, steps walked, bike rides, runs and other health related activities. With the help of the activity tracker apps, users will be able to get a general outlook on their everyday activities as well as where they need to improvise.

Video Clips

It is proved that visual memories stay longer in our consciousness than what we perceive through hearing or reading. In order to boost your fitness application, consider adding video snippets of cross-training exercises, aerobic exercises, weight training, Yoga postures, cardio, etc.

Post Challenging “tasks”

It’s in human nature that most people like challenging things and many needs motivation. Same goes for health and fitness regimes. Many app users need a unique way to handle their diet plans and fitness routines. There are no strict rules when it comes to developing a fitness application. Thus, instead of making it monotonous, add some interesting features in your fitness application. Consider adding weight loss or weight gain challenges, training programs, and rewards and brownie points for those who complete any particular challenge. Always try to develop applications that are interesting as well as engaging.


This feature is for mobile devices which have the built-in step tracking sensor. It keeps track of steps walked or run by the device user. It can also help the user in tracking activities of previous day or week or even a month. The user won’t require adding any distinct application to their device if you add this feature in your application.

Create a Community

Along with posting challenges, one other way to motivate users is to create a community. Many people put off working out due to lack of motivation. In order to encourage your users to continue, you can create a community of your app users where they can discuss workout and diet plans and help motivate each other. This way the users will stay willing to continue which is good for your application as well as for them.

Thus, if you are a fitness entrepreneur who has decided to build a Health and Fitness App to reach your target customers can contact Mobile app development India for Health & Fitness app development solutions.