5 Ways to Increase your app’s visibility on the play store

Every day more than 1000 applications are added to the play store which makes it difficult for the developers to weather the tough competition. Today, the success of any application is not just bound to its development but it demands consistent efforts to make it prevalent on the play store. If you are an app entrepreneur who wants to increase your app’s visibility on the Play Store, then keep these simple tips in mind:

5 Ways to Increase your app's visibility on the play store

App Concept

It is not at all sensible to develop an Android app just because you want to take your idea to the web. Instead, have a better perspective about your target customer’s requirements and then implement the best possible solutions.

Native over Hybrid app development

Any business develops an application in order to reach its potential customers as well as to get maximum user engagement. Since the popularity of Mobile App Development doubled, the battle between native and hybrid apps became prominent and according to stats, it is not going to end anytime soon. To boost your app’s user engagement opt for native app development rather than a hybrid app. This way you will get your desired outcomes in a very short time.

Importance of Application Design

With so many instant messaging apps already on the play store, the one thing that separates Whatsapp from these applications is its “app design”. Even though these apps provide similar features, still Whatsapp rules the IM world. Thus, if you want your application to be distinct, then try to keep the app design clean & simple and user-friendly as well. Don’t go overboard with colors or features. Always remember simplicity is the best form of efficiency.

Importance of Graphics

People perceive what they see. Same goes for mobile applications also. All the trending applications on the play store have brilliant graphical properties (app icon to its GUI). This clearly means that graphics holds considerable importance for any Android app to be successful. Thus, being a developer one should develop an application that is attractive as well as functional. Your app’s graphics and functionality will decide whether you will get in the top ten app’s list or not.

App Marketing

To make any Android app popular on the Play Store, it is necessary to promote it to the max. As the prime objective is to encourage users to download and install your application, you should approach the social media consultants having a wide & active follower-base. The WOMM (word-of-mouth marketing) is the most effective form of app marketing amongst all other promotional activities. Thus, connect with the right people in your vocation and ask them to advertise about your application.

Thus, these are some fundamental as well as critical tips that can increase the visibility of your application on the Google App store without the need of developers having to go the ‘extra mile’.