6 Vital Trends for Future Mobile App Development

6 Vital Trends for Future Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have taken the digital market by storm as they have proven to be a gargantuan success in all sectors. As technology progress, we have seen many new trends implemented into the development of mobile apps. These trends elevate the superiority of the mobile application along with the smooth functionality. Development companies around the world are trying to find a better way to develop an app with better features and security similar to mobile app development services in India. Here are some trends to utilize in mobile app development.

New Trends for Mobile App Development

5G Technology

The latest 5G with blazing internet speed is an important factor and catalyst for success. We need to expand the development by implementing 5G into the mobile app functionalities. With super-fast speed, updating new information becomes easy, real-time information is available faster and users can access new features quickly. Developers can add new features like AR and VR to the application as it requires better connectivity and faster internet. It will improve the overall performance of the application and user experience.


Blockchain has evolved from cryptocurrency to financial security and privacy. Blockchain has accomplished many feats that were fairytales before and that’s why mobile applications should leverage it as new frontier. Blockchain offers ironclad security which is important for mobile apps. Users can transfer data, do financial transactions or keep information safe with blockchain’s tamper-proof design. In the era of growing privacy concerns, developing an app with blockchain technology assured the user that data on the application is safe and unbreachable.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial inelegancy has ushered in new era of digitalization. We have seen many applications of AI in form of solving large scale issues to creating digital arts. AI implementation with mobile applications will bring new features and open up a whole new segment. AI with the help of machine learning will help with automation, chatbots for customer communication and more. AI integration with mobile apps will accelerate the process and function. Users will get a better and smoother app experience than before with AI.


Wearable is one of the fastest growing segments in mobile app development. Wearable market was valued at around $61 billion in 2022 and is predicted to reach $180 billion by 2023 to a report by Grand View Research. One of the key reasons behind its success is the development of wearable based applications. The growing demand for wearable technology in wrist wear, neck wear, head wear and footwear allow the mobile app development to grow exponentially.

Mobile Commerce

M-Commerce indicates ecommerce through mobile phones. As the number of smartphones amplifies by billion every year, the demand for M-Commerce application also rises. Every country including mobile application development in India is looking at a sharp rise in mobile commerce. There are many segments in mobile commerce such as mobile payment, banking, shopping and more. Mobile commerce including contactless payment and mobile wallet also comprise 45% of total ecommerce value in US by $284 billion reported by Business insider.

AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality will play a pivotal role in the future of mobile app development. These segments are growing rapidly and with 5G integration, these apps will perform smoothly. A report by Analytics Insight indicates that by 2030, the market value for AR and VR applications will reach $451.5 billion. More and more industries are investing in AR and VR app developers in India such as sports and fitness, travel, banking and more.


The accelerated growth of mobile app development services India has opened many doors for various new trends. We are implementing new technology in mobile app development every day. All of the above-mentioned trends are future proof and their demand will grow stronger every year. MAADI is one of the world class mobile app development services that use the latest technological trends to build applications. Visit the website to learn more about how MAADI can help you implement new mobile application trends for your app.