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Candy Crush Clone Application

Candy crush is the best game released in 2012 and also been the game of the year. Then why clone app? Secure your place in the alliance of game app makers, earn $$ and make them as your gateway to become rich. And if you are actually thinking about it, then MAADI (Mobile Application Development India) is your backholder. We get you with best clone apps that are applicable for marketing and promotion. Also get generate the best revenue and help you for better ROI (Return of Investment). We understand your difficulties involved to re-create the famous games. Our well-certified developers go extra mile to know your difficulties and they are well-equipped to develop a Candy Crush like games generating your revenue faster.


The time estimation of the clone game completely depends on the specifications of the app, its variables. Approximately it takes up to 2 weeks.

Firstly, game seekers if face challenges make them more addictive and helps them to explore new possibilities of the game. This can be the main reason to develop Candy Crush clone games.

There are a number of ways to monetize the clone apps like In-app purchases, Mobile Advertising, unlock features, etc. Moreover, you can sell your traffics to top game developers and even you can create more similar games with different themes. When comes to make money, here comes the options:

  • Create your app meaningful, i.e when you develop the clone game of Candy Crush Saga, you think not only for cloning, but also re-develop it with possible unique ways.
  • Many a times, freemium or in-app purchase makes the gaming companies to earn HUGE revenues. According to 9to5Mac, developers of Candy Crush estimated upto $63,000 in a day and reaches $230 million in a year.
  • Estimation shows that in 2013, spending on mobile games with in-app purchases has driven upto 60% in U.S. to $16.5 billion. This gives the opportunity to develop such a game where users are ready to spend money.
  • Even Ad integration can also be the great means to earn revenue. We are your helping partners to do it without spoiling your gaming experience.

We, at Vrinsoft have a complete team of marketing ready to leverage your game application with different marketing platforms like Chartboost, RevMob and others to their fullest.

In this emerging world of internet, trust is the foremost thing. And we at MAADI are well-versed with a wide range of projects that is clearly being observed by our work done and you are always welcome to work with us and experience it yourself.

What We Include?

At the top notch - the game makes the users addictive to accept the summons to inspect new probabilities of the game. If you want more than this, we are here to accept the challenge to develop a game very similar to Candy Crush Saga.



Earn Revenue

The development of the clone app drives new ways to generate revenue like In-app purchases, more Apps buttons for Video Ads monetization and more. When you build the clone app, not only use identical source code to re-build, you re-imagine what makes you to newer heights.
Apart from re-building the clone apps, we shine for marketing as well. Promote your game app with the leading platforms like Chartboost, RevMob, Applovin and so on. Also, our team understands the bits of Standard App Store Optimization stuff like marketing the screenshots and keywords, icon and writing a meaningful App description that sell.

Market The Clone App


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