Capabilities of Prominent Platforms for Video Editing and Recording App Development

by admin ,March 19, 2018

It was believed back in 2012-13 that the Instagram had the best technology for photo editing and photo filters. People believed that there will also be technological advancements in video editing video recording application. But it was only partly true, the technical advancements of the application depend on the advancements that the device offers.

Better quality devices offer the user the advantage of high-end features and cutting-edge operating system that makes a device compatible with advanced video editing and recording apps. These devices support prominent operating systems such as iOS and Android. These two are the platform that has the most users around the world and can support a video editing and recording application.

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iOS platform: iOS platform is best recognized for its quality and UX/UI design that mesmerises users all around the world. The iOS applications generate 70 % of total app revenue all around the world. Hence the developers try their best to introduce an efficient application for the iOS platform to attract more users.

Android platform: Android platform is the most prominent in the market in the regards to numbers. It has the most apps in the app store in the world, giving it a wide user base than iOS platform, therefore, Android App Development companies in India, Australia, and Europe invest in Android app development.

These are the two platforms that can provide the best compatibility to the video editing and recording apps. But the performance of the app depends on the type of the video recording and editing application that you are using. There are applications that only focus on video recording and some applications that only do video editing, but the third kind of application can perform on both operations. Here are some features that video editing and video recording posses that can make the process of video art easy.

Features of video editing application

  • Multiple file merging
  • Special video effects
  • Cropping and resizing frame size of videos for Instagram and Facebook posts
  • Various audio effects
  • Text merging in the audio

Features of Video recording application

  • Recording video clips of with a duration of 15 and 30 seconds
  • Slow motion – reduces the frame speed to 120 FPS
  • Fast motion – records the video at 10 FPS
  • Reverse recording – The video can be viewed in reverse after recording

The capability of the video recording app feature is only limited by the capabilities of the camera. But it begs the question of how can you develop an efficient video editing app and video recording app? Here are some methods that show us how to develop a video recording and editing application.

Develop on a native platform

The development of the native platform can be helpful in back-end services of your application. The tools for Android and iOS app development can help you give a native design to the application. Hence the API built into the application using the native app development tools can help run the application smoothly in the appropriate application.

Develop a cross-platform app

The application developed in the cross-platforms can work on either platform (Android and iPhone). The cross-platform app can be developed using HTML5 or C which makes the development process of the developers easy. These apps are popularly known as Hybrid apps.

Depend on back-end processes

The process of video editing and adding filters becomes easier if your app totally on the back-end processes. The editing of videos becomes easier because of the process happening in the back-end that makes the process faster.
And here are the capabilities of the prominent platforms such as Android and iOS for developing video editing and recording applications.

iOS platform capabilities for video application development

There are many frameworks in the iOS native platform such as AV foundation that features time-based audiovisual media in iOS, MAC, and even watches. This framework can be useful for a video editing application to add filters and merge several video clips without having to worry about the audiovisual distortion. This framework can empower your application to add filters, animated title, and even add extra sound clips. Therefore there are several iOS App Development companies in many prominent IT hub cities such as Australia, India, US, and the UK who are leveraging these technologies to build an effective video application. The AV foundation has supported many prominent video editing tools to work efficiently on Apple devices.

Android platform capabilities for video application development

Android platform has a very long list of video applications already, but the list is short for reliable video application in spite of a large number of apps on the app store. The design and functionality of video apps on Android app are different than the iOS so the features and functionality are also different. Although, if you follow the appropriate development guidelines and integrate the latest technology into the application. There are also several frameworks that are used to develop such kind of application on Android platform with the help of JAVA, C, and Assembly.

The video app development can be a handful task and in the end, it relies on the factors mentioned above. The hardware limitation and limited features must also be considered along with the platform selection. Both of the platforms are compatible with video editing and recording app development.