Common app marketing mistakes every company must avoid

Marketing mobile apps is a task which requires much thought and implementation of an appropriate strategy. In the absence of a good strategy the app may fail to be successful.

Common app marketing mistakes


Listed are few common app marketing mistakes which every company must make efforts to avoid.


(1) Lack of a monetization strategy


Most companies often fail to devise a proper strategy to generate revenue from the apps. In order to face the growing competition and challenges in the industry and market, it is important to generate revenues from the mobile app. This requires planning and implementing an appropriate monetization strategy.


App monetization can be done in the following four ways:



  • -Companies can earn by placing ads on free apps.
  • -In app purchases for additional features can help companies earn revenues.
  • -App subscriptions can generate a significant amount of revenue.
  • -Paid apps can help the company to earn profits from the app.

(2) Adapting to every platform


Various platforms like Windows, Android and iOS may be different from each other in terms of functionality and features. A strategy suitable for one platform may prove to be irrelevant for the other. ASO rules may also vary across different platforms. It is hence important to focus and highlight the key features the app offers on a particular platform.


(3) Customer expectations


Customers often make quick judgements regarding mobile apps. It is hence important to focus on their expectations and requirements. The marketing campaigns can be designed in a way that provides the customer an insight into the key features. This can help them develop interest in the app. Catering to customer requirements can significantly improve the chances of the app receiving positive reviews and can hence expand its market base.


(4) Understanding the analytics data


For successful app marketing India, it is vital to understand the analytics data. The data points play a major role in defining the success of the app. Data points can be tracked for aspects like monetization, customer engagement and retention and user acquisition. These points can help companies develop a better marketing strategy.


Marketing an app is an important aspect that can define its success. Appropriate marketing strategies can boost customer engagement and retention. It is hence important for companies to avoid the common app marketing mistakes.

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