Common Mistakes App Entrepreneurs should avoid

by admin ,February 15, 2017

With so many successful applications in the market, overnight success for a new app in the app world is a pure myth. The app industry is going through a rapid transformation where every day thousands of apps are launched. Apps are more than just designing and developing. They demand a proper strategy from budgeting to developing to marketing. There are so many good apps that were launched but couldn’t do well in the app market. As a matter of fact, many creative apps failed because of the lack of suitable approach and accuracy. Below are some mistakes that entrepreneurs unknowingly commit leading to the app failure as well as their app business downfall.

Mistakes App Entrepreneurs should avoid

  • Any business requires an effectual budget plan. An app development strategy does not end at the app integration, instead, there is much more to that. And this is what app entrepreneurs fail to understand. They believe that development cost is all they need to worry about and forget to consider the marketing aspects as well as future modifications of an application. There are basically three budget categories for an application: 1) App development, maintenance, and update costs 2) Business set up costs 3) Marketing costs. It is advisable to understand each of this aspect properly as well as their relevant cost and then plan accordingly.
  • The success of any app business is based on a proper planning. An app business may fail or suffer a great loss if a proper plan is not drafted. Many app businesses emphasize too much on the app development and while doing this they exhaust their budget even before getting to the marketing part. This will eventually destroy their app business.
  • One of the aspects that ensure the success of any application is its monetization scheme. Apps are launched with different monetization schemes such as free or paid or in-app purchase services. But many new businesses fail to identify the best scheme for their respective application. It is vital for any business to distinguish the right monetization scheme considering the current status of their app.
  • Any app entrepreneur needs to have an extensive understanding of its target customers. Without recognizing this, irrespective of adapting any kind of strategy, they won’t be able to reach the intended goal of maximum downloads.


  • An app marketing strategy holds huge importance for an app success. In order for an app to reach its target customers, an effective marketing strategy is crucial.


  • Before developing any app, it is essential for businesses to research the app market, understand the target customers and then develop or update any application. According to statistics, both Apple and Android have launched more than 2 million apps in the market initiating a cut-throat competition among applications. This, in turn, has raised the standards of applications in respect to functionalities and experience. Thus, it becomes crucial for businesses to develop innovative apps to survive the market competition or else monotonous apps will lead to business downfall.

Thus, these are some common mistakes app entrepreneurs should avoid in order to stay ahead in the competition. They need to bear in mind all these pointers for a productive Mobile App Development, for them as well as for their target customers.

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