How developers determine the precise Cost of Mobile App Development

Mobile-pricing-2The clients wanted to have the precise and customized mobile application in many cases. Sometimes they do not have a clear idea that how mobile app development costing is counted. This is not at all a concern if the client hires proficient developer on the hourly basis. He just pays the company or developer according to the working hours. This blog is intended to share some aspects that are considered for the costing of mobile app development.

Size of project:

Costing of the applications is done based on the number of functionalities you have. For some basic functionalities of the application, costing is almost fixed. Amount is increased as you add the features. For the large and challenging projects, pricing will be high. Ordinary and service based applications are now developed with the reasonable costs.

App Development category:

Many purposes are there for the app building. Various app categories are like, m-commerce, gaming, service based, applications. Online shopping applications require to include more safety concerns with compare to the service based applications. Managing hundreds of products will cost you more. Many clients wanted to develop gaming mobile application. Invoice of development is completely dependent on how effective and amazing graphics, animation and sound you include. The gaming applications with the great number of levels will surely add more amount in your invoice.

Design and development estimate:

Developers and designers provide a time frame to deliver the mobile application. Very simple calculation is, time consumption in the development and designing process will matter a lot in the costing. Development time is average 150+ hours for the simple applications and for the most complicated and challenging mobile app development 600+ hours are approximately consumed.

QA and Testing:

The renowned app development companies as well invest time and resources in quality assurance and testing. This increases the working hours of application development. It as well effects on the costing.


Sometimes clients are not satisfied with the work done by the developer, even a developer has followed the requirement strictly. Clients change their idea during the app development process. A rework cost is as well added in the invoice. This is not applicable, when developer find his /her mistake in the app development. Rework charges will not be applicable in this case.