Effective Points For Mobile App Developers To Convince Application Users

by admin ,February 4, 2015

The intentionally featured mobile applications are getting good response from the users. According to some survey reports we come to know that, people almost spend their 86% time in the diverse mobile applications. All mobile applications are not able to satisfy the actual user requirements. And those applications fail to gain enough app downloads or the ratio of app uninstall is too high. The developers apply their experience in the ongoing android, windows, blackberry, and iPhone app development projects. But, the developers must have to focus on some factors, which are pointed out below.

Quick responsive app

In the world of mobile application, no one would prefer the app functioning very slowly. If you have arrived with the superlative technology ideas and features, then also a slow-functioning application becomes the considerable negative point for you. It results the rapid uninstalls. A performance and speed matters a lot in the procedures like, app download, update installation, in app functions, etc. They all should be finished by possible minimum time.

Easy and trouble-free App utilization

The application developers must have to make a user friendly app for the rich user experience. If the application is found too much complex to use, then users will quickly uninstall the app. Developers must make sure that, no issue remains for any kind of user inputs. Include the appropriate validations for the wrong inputs and unauthenticated access. It gives the users a trouble free experience.

App functionality

People will stay on to the app, just because of its functionality. It is the key factor of any successful application. To get your app installed in the diverse user devices, internet marketing is a must. But once an application is installed, only the performance of an app matters. A developer must have to include the functionalities; those are actually expected by the users.

The app idea plays an important role. It should be creative, and make the efforts to formulate it in a proper way. You can analyze the competitors’ applications. Just go through their app reviews. In the case you find some negative reviews and analyze them. And make sure that, those things do not repeat in your app.

Less memory and battery consuming app

It is crucial for the mobile app developers to note down this point. Avoid creating vampire apps, which consume a battery life and impacts the overall device and app performance. You should code an app in a way which consumes the minimum battery. Mobile app testing in a practice would be advantageous for the same.