Formulate A Verdict Regarding the Best Technology for Mobile App Development

by admin ,January 1, 2015

The all types of business verticals are updating themselves with the latest ongoing technology trends. According to the statistical reports, the maximum and organic traffic is coming from the mobile applications. But, if you have a clear idea for the app development then also you need to decide upon the various mobility solutions.

There will be many questions to be answered such as:

Select the expert mobile app developer and discuss that, with which technology you are moving on. Even you have to select the mobile app operating system platforms. The three main technologies we talk about are, native apps, hybrid apps or web apps.

Native Apps

The native applications are developed for the dedicated app stores such as iOS, android, windows, blackberry, etc. As the development tasks are done separately, these apps are very quick to access. They very well optimize the user experience. If you have decided to make the app for iOS, then your developer is going to use the tool named as Xcode. The Android developers will optimize the Eclipse tool, but it is not perfect as the Xcode. The Android studio is best in the practice.

Hybrid Apps

The hybrid apps run through a web browser and built in using the HTML5 language. It is a fact that the hybrid apps are not too quick and smooth with compare to the native apps. It is beneficial in the other way. If you go for the hybrid app, then you need not to build the separate apps. Thus, you can save lots of time and money. You only need to have the minimum design and development resources. So that, if you are thinking to have the cross-platform app and your business goal is to deliver the content primarily, then hybrid app is a best option for you.

Web Apps

Three types of apps fall under this category, which are traditional, responsive and adaptive. All live websites are the traditional web apps. A responsive web app changes somewhat design layout. Support, a same website will be visible differently for the desktop and a smartphone. An adaptive app will not change its design layout, but will fit with the size of mobile devices.