From Concept to Launch: Practical Steps to Launching Your Cryptocurrency

From Concept to Launch: Practical Steps to Launching Your Cryptocurrency

by admin ,May 9, 2023

Cryptocurrency has taken a quantum leap in the last few years as the market size is growing exponentially. Cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology, offering a decentralized environment for trading and any financial transaction. With growing demand, companies and businesses are not just investing in cryptocurrency but also developing one. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on launching your own cryptocurrency in the market, from choosing the requirement to hiring the best blockchain app development company in India.

Step-by-Step Guide for Launching a Cryptocurrency

  • Goal and Purpose

The first step is to evaluate your need for cryptocurrency. Also, ask questions like ” Will it be able to fix any problems? ” Or “how will it be better than others?”. We need to set a goal for what cryptocurrency will do for the customer. By creating a roadmap for cryptocurrencies purpose, we can identify important aspects like features, design, and more.

Identify a problem in the market like a high transaction fee or slow transaction time and try to solve it. You also need to find your targeted audience, like businesses and companies that can take advantage of it. Also, before building a new cryptocurrency, we must understand how it can benefit our target audience. Once we clear that out, we can work on the use case that provides value to our customers.

  • Select Blockchain Platform

Once we map out the strategy for cryptocurrency development, we need to find a suitable blockchain platform. Several blockchain platforms in the market are designed to provide better support for cryptocurrencies. Choosing a cryptocurrency-specific platform will allow the business to expand, scale, and provide better services to its customers.

Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchain platforms that has native crypto named ether. Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source blockchain platform that supports cryptocurrency development. However, blockchain platforms like Ripples offer exclusive services for cryptocurrency like cross-border solutions, low fees, and fast transactions.

  • Choose Consensus Mechanism

Consensus mechanisms are important for cryptocurrency as they allow nods to reach an agreement by using different methods. There are many factors to consider before choosing the right consensus mechanism, such as security, decentralization, scalability, speed, and more.

Every consensus mechanism has its strengths and weaknesses depending on the blockchain platform. Proof of Work (PoW) is one of the oldest consensuses mechanisms that is used by bitcoin. Proof of Stake (PoS) is energy sufficient. Choose the consensus mechanism that works for your cryptocurrencies based on your requirement.

  • Design and Develop Cryptocurrency

Design and development are the core part of cryptocurrency. We need to make them user-friendly but also consider security measures too. We need to define the parameters of the currency and how it will work. Selecting a name, symbol, nodes, total supply, and distribution model is all part of designing.

Development is all about programming and coding. We need to choose the right programing language for the cryptocurrency to make it unique. Some of the common programming languages are solidity, JavaScript, and Go.

  • Create White Paper

White papers are important and essential for any product-based company. It’s a detailed document that outlines every technical detail, purpose, and use case for cryptocurrency. You can attract and support investors by writing a white paper for your cryptocurrency. The white paper also provides step by step process of development, features, and design.

  • Build a website

Just like a white paper, you will also need a website to promote your cryptocurrency. We can add details like a project description, team information, links to the white paper, and social media account. Websites will help you market cryptocurrency and allow your customers to learn more about it. It will also help secure investors by showcasing your work to them online.

  • Launch

Once cryptocurrency is designed and developed, we must launch it globally. We can choose to go with an initial coin offering (ICO), initial exchange offering (IEO), or listing your cryptocurrency on an existing exchange. There are also decentralized exchanges (DEX) that are peer-to-peer marketplaces. Blockchain platforms also offer a launchpad for new cryptocurrencies, such as binance launchpad and polkastarter.

  • Market

Marketing is one of the most important factors in this field. Every year, countless new cryptocurrencies are launched, but only a handful of them get any attention. We need a website to market cryptocurrency and provide information to new customers. Apart from different types of marketing like content, social media, and influencer, we also need to build a community. With a community, we can market, provide support and receive feedback for any issue regarding cryptocurrency.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Launching a Cryptocurrency


  • The Potential for Higher Return

One of the classic examples of getting a better return is bitcoin. In 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 bitcoins for a $25 pizza; now, one bitcoin costs thousands. If cryptocurrency gains widespread adoption, it will yield better returns.

  • Lower Transaction Fees

Transaction fees in cryptocurrencies are relatively lower than other Finacial institutions. In the future, with better adoption, we can offer lower transaction fees to our customers.

  • Decentralization

Cryptocurrency offers better transparency and security with decentralization. Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by a central authority like banks or companies. This provides protection against any fraud or corruption.


  • Regulatory Issues

Cryptocurrencies are not regulated in some countries which could create uncertainty for the future. Because of its decentralized nature, it could create legal issues in the future.

  • Lack of Expert Developer

Cryptocurrency is based on blockchain, which is a relatively new technology. Finding an expert blockchain developer or blockchain app development company in India is not an easy task. We need to look for an agency with previous cryptocurrency development experience.


Launching a cryptocurrency requires careful planning and solving complex problems. By creating a roadmap and strategy early on, we can reduce risks and improve the chance of success in the future. By choosing the right blockchain platform, consensus mechanism, and other details, we can develop a cryptocurrency that offers value to our customers. We also need to hire a blockchain development company in India to help with programming and coding for the cryptocurrency. By following this step-by-step guide, we can turn your vision for cryptocurrency into reality.