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Ghost Lens Clone Application

Ghost Lens App – A unique photo editing app that makes your own ghosts in the photo or video. The users can create their spirits free from your body, also a body floating in the air or swapped body parts and much more fun things. With its inception the clone app developers have changed the way they look at the videos and photos and continuously working for replicating this app. And MAADI (Mobile Application Development India) is all along with you to make you see a spirit in real technology world. In this photo-editing and sharing world, we get you with the most revolutionary photos and videos editing app that adds extensive value to the current online market. We get you with a number of features for image and video filters to make the perfect ghost of you. Having churned out in a number of mobile applications, MAADI has gained specialization to meet up any challenge. Our team of UI and UX designers have immense experienced and are jammed with unique ideas. Regardless, of requirements for building a consumer facing or business process app, we all ready to be your partner.


What We Include?

Explore hundreds of options to create a terrific latern. If you need, you can even combine different app ideas to show the creation of the different social media. More than this, you can also add unique effects and adjust them with settings like brightness, contrast, color, vignette, etc. and has common features like cropping and framing.

Carve Lantern


Scare With Spooky Sounds

Freak out your friends and family from the extensive collection of spooky sounds. Even if needed you can also add your own scary sounds like knives sharpening and spirits moaning etc. It is actually a perfect to break the ice with trick-or-treaters!
You can transfigure your old boring photos into ghosts, spirits and spectre. Make your photos or even you can click photos lurking at the edges, or even escaping from somebody’s body and even both - designed to make you shiver.

Turn Yourself into a Ghost


Haunt Photos with Your Voice

Give your voice a supernatural ghost like sound effects that makes your family and friends a shock! You can sound effects like devil, death, haunting, alien and many other voices.


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