Google launches initiative to fight against Terrorism

by admin ,September 21, 2016

Most nations of the world are under the threat of terrorism. Countries take all possible measures to counter various attacks launched by terrorists that most of the times lead to severe loss of life and property. Google uses its own strategy to counter terrorism. Being the most used search engine, it is capable of devising ways and means to fight terrorism. One such method used by Google is the redirect method.

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The Redirect Method

Developed by Jigsaw, the method which made its mark as the protagonist in Saw films is the subsidiary of Alphabet conglomerate. The concept focuses on detecting potential DIASH followers by keeping a vigil on the keywords typed in the search engine. This is successfully achieved by the combination of the video platform provided by YouTube and search algorithms used by Google.

The method functions in a unique way. When people type keywords associated with certain terrorist groups, Google includes publicity and redirects them to certain specific YouTube channels. The channels which generally play in Arabic and English play testimonies from Imams or former Jihadis which discourage people from indulging into terrorism and reveal the corrupt practices of ISIS. In this way, Google fights and attempts to make unsuccessful the efforts made by terrorist groups to lure people by their various online recruitment networks.

The method is proving to be useful in times when other rigid measures taken by technology companies like erasing or banning accounts that propagate terrorism have failed miserably. In such a scenario, the Redirect method provides an easy and effective formula to fight terrorism. It aims at convincing people against indulging in terrorist activities.

The initiative is proving to be a success as within a short span of 2 months of its launch, approximately 300000 people who use Mobile App techniques for internet surfing, have been drawn to the various YouTube channels that give anti-ISIS messages. The education provided acts as a deterrent and discourages people from indulging in terrorist activities. The method promises to draw more people and can be a major success in the times to come. If this happens, it may successfully curb terrorism and hence help in promoting peace.