Guidelines for Material Design apps Usage in Android

by admin ,May 16, 2016

Material design is an essential factor to be considered by companies specializing in Mobile App Development India. The material design influences the interaction, motion and visual design for platforms. Android offers material design support for developing apps.

Material Design Android Apps

Guidelines for using material design in Android apps

Android provides a number of features for building material design apps. Few of them are:

Material theme

The material theme allows you to develop system widgets, new styles for your app. It allows you to see the color palette, touch feedback, activity transitions and default animations. Material theme is primarily of two kinds:

  • Light material theme
  • Dark material theme

Lists and cards

Android facilitates displaying lists and cards using animations and material design themes. The new widget called Recycler View supports different layouts and enables performance improvements. The CardView widget allows display of important information stored in cards. It gives a consistent feel and look.

View shadows

Androids now also feature the Z property apart from the X and Y property. The Z property deals with view elevation which determines the following:

  • The shadow size- The Z property gives bigger shadows.
  • Drawing order- The Z property places higher values on top.


The latest animation API’s allow creation of custom animations and enable touch feedback using UI controls and activity transitions. The latest API’s provide the following benefits:

  • Using feedback animations, it helps in responding to touch events.
  • Show and hide views using circular reveal animations.
  • Enables switching between activities using activity transition animations.
  • Curved motion helps to create natural animations.

Animations are shown is state lists and are drawable between state changes.

API’s allow developers to customize animations and facilitates their addition to custom views.


  • Drawables help in easy implementation of mobile design apps in the following ways:
  • The vector drawables can be scaled and perfect to be used in in-app icons in single colors.
  • Drawable tinting allows defining bitmaps as alpha masks and tints them with colors at runtime.
  • Extraction feature helps in automatic extraction of prominent colors from bitmap images.