how mobile marketing can boost customer engagement for small businesses?

by admin ,January 7, 2017

In the span of the following few years, it could be expected that your business would run significantly different, mainly due to trending mobile advancement in small scale industry. How does this affect you and your business? Reward! Customers are on the move, whether it’s their laptop, smartphone or iPad. If you’re willing to accommodate their evolving needs, your business will expand.

mobile strategy

Mobile environment: Prognostications and Predictions

The majority of small organizations want to include mobile marketing into their approach and it is indeed for a good reason.

The data show the B2B clients who are utilizing mobile devices, which involves:

  • 56 percent read business reviews
  • 72 percent conducted Internet searches
  • 55 percent compared product information and features.
  • 57 percent shifted from offline to online payments (for smooth purchasing experience)
  • 36 percent researched online (new businesses)

Interpreting the Mobile Strategy Riddle

Before determining whether to join the mobile bandwagon is advantageous for your business, it is advisable to employ some mobile scheme – strategic assessment. It is an approach to reach the clients regardless of their location. It indeed puts the client first.

  • In order to determine an effective mobile approach for your business, ask yourself these few simple questions:
  • What business target would your mobile approach be related to?
  • What possibilities might be missed by your business without a mobile strategy?
  • Is a mobile strategy needed for your small business?
  • What types of platforms are used by the customers to acquire the digital assets for searching and/or buying purpose
  • What other matters need attention before making any investment?
  • What sort of changes is happening in the mobile division?
  • How can your small business employ technology and mobile marketing to reach the customers?
  • What are the active existing mobile assets in your business?

According to a recent survey, 25% out of 1000 small businesses are missing opportunities by not implementing the marketing liberties accessible to them.

Below are some points to consider:

  • Responsive Site

Businesses which are devoid of a responsive website might experience a slump in their SEO ranking, or worse, can get removed from search completely. According to the reports, 45% of the customers were not able to buy from a badly designed website.

  • Responsive Content and Email

Considering that 72 percent of all Internet usage takes place on mobile, it is rational to ensure that all customer touch points acclimate to their device.

  • Boost Mobile Search

When optimization of the content is done around “micro-moments”, involvement and sales get enhanced exceptionally.

  • Location based keywords

Don’t forget to consider location-based keywords. For example, when Google finishes your sentences i.e. when you search for “restaurants” and Google adds “near me” as a search option.

  • Short Message Service (SMS) Marketing

The customers can keep up with new products, special offers and latest information of your business if you employ permission-based text messages.

  • Mobile Application

A recent study states that 72 percent of people check their mobile phone once in an hour and 90 percent of the time through an application. This kind of consumer behavior is propelling the mobile trend for app development! It is important to determine what kind of app will make sense for your business. And if you decide to develop an app, evaluate this:

  • What does your business intend to do?
  • How can you constitute a better experience for your customer through a mobile app?
  • Mobile Payment

With the changing mobile trends, customers have grown more comfortable with purchasing online. Similar to other mobile trend options and essentials, mobile payment creates a smooth, simple payment/procuring experience for the customer.

All things considered, a Mobile Marketing Strategy (just like any other strategies) for your small business should not be established and then ignored. Evaluate the improvements; measure the developments; hold on to what works and avoid what doesn’t. Modify your mobile strategy until you get the desired results.