How to identify when your app needs a major update?

by admin ,March 18, 2017

Many applications updates are centered on bug fixes, modifications, performance improvement, or maybe adding a small feature. A major update doesn’t come very often, and when it does they come as an addition of new functionalities or a new UX design. For instance, both Instagram and Whatsapp saw major updates that changed their app experiences profoundly.

Extensive app updates may consist of brand new user experience, new visual design, or one or two new features. There are many ways to identify if your app requires a major update or not. Let’s look at some of the pointers hinting at your app needing a major update.

identify when your app needs a major update

App Performance

One of the most important issues for App designers and app entrepreneurs is to improve the existing app engagement. With the availability of different quantitative data analysis, many specific area’s solutions can be obtained. When it comes to App engagement or other related metrics, whenever any relevant targets are not accomplished, there are likely to be potential changes or improvements. The changes or improvements are often addressed in the form of a major app update.

New App Features

One of the simplest ways to recognize that your app is due for an update is by close inspection of the app features. Your app might need a major update, if what you are planning to add significantly impacts the user experience of the application. Some examples of such notable features generally include integration with third-party services, authentication, adding a collaborative or social element, or changing the app’s revenue model. Adding a new functionality might lead to change in the version number. It is better if few related features are coupled together in a major update.

New App Design

If you are planning to completely alter the app’s design (user experience or visual design), you might need to release a major app update. In an application, any update related to UI and UX elements is important. App design modifications are expected as the user interaction evolves with the technology advancements. Major updates are ideal for an app if you want to implement such Mobile App Design modifications.

Users Feedbacks

Another way to evaluate an app is by examining the app store reviews, in-app feedbacks, and support requests. The feedbacks and reviews derived from these sources are in general crucial for business because it helps in recognizing the major weak points or improvements that are needed on a frequent basis. If app users point out any kind of issue with certain key functionalities of the app, this means that the overall user experience needs to be improved at the earliest. Thus, employ the metrics along with the feedback analysis in order to assess whether a major update is required or not.

Extend to other Platforms and Devices

One more way to justify a major update is when an app extends to cross-platform or to different devices on the same platform. With such expansions, the visual design and user experience are more likely to observe significant impacts.

App updates

When you release new design or update to latest technological developments, a major app update is a right approach. As a matter of fact, several apps often neglect the Human Interface Guidelines of Apple or the Material Design guidelines from Google. These actions usually result in poor user experience often ending in not getting a place on the user devices. In order to avoid such issues, opting for major updates could help.

Old App Codebase

An old codebase can certainly be a viable reason for a major update. At present, with the programming and technological development, even a 24 month’s old codebase is considered outdated. As new libraries and features are being added to the programming languages, it would be perfect to update codebase with the help of a major update.

It is important for the entrepreneurs to understand that a major app update is not just about promoting their business in the market. The above factors will provide the necessary information to all those who are considering about major updates to their respective apps. Whenever a major update is being planned, notify the app users at the earliest. This will be worth all the effort as well as bring amazing results.