How to optimize your Android App on Google Play?

by admin ,February 16, 2017

After an app is developed the next step is to Market it and application marketing demands capital, time and knowledge. App users will keep on going through the virtual store in search of an app that interests them. App entrepreneurs need to add something innovative in their app that will make users download their app. Along with adding inventive functionality an app needs a precise marketing strategy. Below are some optimization tips to effectively optimize your app.

optimize your Android App

  • Analyze and Employ Keywords Consider adding app related keywords in the title and description as well as keywords with low difficulty scores; last of all pick keywords with highest traffic scores (as this will increase the possibilities of getting higher app rankings). There are many tools that will help find the perfect keywords for your application. Increase your app discoverability by placing your main keyword once in the title and no more or less than 5 times in the description. While creating a title makes sure it is unique and accessible; don’t use general terms; avoid lengthy titles; avoid spelling mistakes; emphasize what your app is about.
  • Progress Screening In order to optimize your app, you need to monitor its progress frequently. You have to audit your app progress i.e. what is the app ranking on using the keywords. This gives you a clear idea about the influence optimization strategies; discloses your competitor’s progress; what modifications need to be made in the strategies to boost the rankings.
  • Visual appearance one of the user engaging strategies for app marketing that should never be overlooked is by employing images or pictures. App icons, images, and screenshots help your app to be distinctive among search lists, department and featured app lists. You need to add quality screenshots which depict brief descriptions of your application (basically app’s key features). Your app should be convincible enough for the app browsers to download the app. You only have one window to describe your app worthiness to the users, thus use it carefully.
  • Promo Video Customers might want to check how the app functions before downloading or buying it. Google Play store gives you the benefit of adding a YouTube snippet of your app. This is a great opportunity to disclose to the customers what your app is all about. This is helpful for users with slow internet connections and for those who doesn’t have patience or time to watch a lengthy video.
  • Feedbacks and Reviews If your app turned to be of great value to the customers then they will most likely drop positive reviews. Decent feedbacks from genuine customers of your application will add to your app rankings. If you wish to get more app ratings, then ask users for their feedbacks. You can even prompt customers to rate your app after using it for a specific timeframe.

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