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Instagram Clone Application

Instagram has revolved, having more than 300 million users, when compared to twitter. The clone app replicates the functionality of Instagram. You must have thought to take the application to the new heights. Mobile App Development India has a team of designers and coders creating beautiful, user-friendly interfaces for any challenge. We not only re-built the app, but also customize the clone app according to your requirements. The clone app allows you to click and publish photos instantly and also gives you the option to share it to social media pages. Moreover, the clones also offer the options of photo’s customization and editing which converts your pictures into the lively medium of communication.The best part is we can customize any clone app and also other well-accepted apps like Yelp, Groupon, LinkedIn and even real estate websites to name a few. We strive to create meaningful connections and your satisfaction is our motive.


We can offer you an exact time estimation depending on your application's specifications and different other variables.

Make a mobile community and start to brand your app with our developed photo and video sharing app and also capture photo, edit, apply filters.

Sorry, not all. We do not provide all types of source files.

Yes, you can indeed customize each detail of mobile application.

Of Course yes, you can submit it yourself from your own account from the apple and android app marketplaces. All you have to do is to add your credentials to your app manager as our software offers you compatibility for the rest.

We offer marketing your apps all way long from the cost per install to mobile app influencer outreach campaigns.

Our team of UI and UX designers have ample experience in the field of designing.

We have years of experience to integrate social media API with photo editor and sharing app since it is the niche for growing of mobile apps.

What We Include?

Take a snap and filter your image. The user can apply different filters to change the look & feel of the photos and make photos betters than the actual one. You can add image filters on the posts and also can share to social networks. And also customize every minute detail of the mobile apps.

Custom Designed Filters


Social Integration

Our mobile app developers have specialization in integrating social media applications' APIs with Photo editing and Sharing Apps. This gets you to the growth of mobile apps and works surprisingly perfect on practical and idealistic level.
You can submit the application on the app store using your own application developer accounts from the apple and android app marketplaces. You have to add your store credentials to your application manager and then our software takes care of the rest.

Submit the App yourself in App store


Comon Features

Click/Snap/Capture videos and photos Add image filters and video effects for photo/video enhancement Post photo/video on the portal Social media integration like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram. Search posts, hashtags and Tag people View past history Following and Followers abstract


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