IOS or android which mobile app to develop first?

by admin ,April 23, 2016

When you are about to develop a mobile application, the question arises “iOS or Android?” Most of business start with one platform and expand the same into the other. But again, which platform to choose first? The answer to your question is based on the need of your company, base of customer and long-term mobile strategy. So which platform first? Understanding the differences will help you to make the right choice



  • Demographics    :  Apple iOS and Android accounts are taken over 90% of market share and smart phones. Google’s android is the dominant operating system across the globe about 80% specific standing in developing countries as well as in lower income areas. On the contrast, Apple’s i’s are about 14.8% of smartphones globally, but the revenue for making app in iOS dominates profit shares which are more than 85%. So is better to choose the target market first.


  • Monetization   :  iOS upfront monetization model – requires purchase or an initial investment to download an app, helps to generate more revenue, whereas Android also gets with the same outcome over time. Paying for apps is common and also both platforms are ad-supported. These strategies of apps reflect the overall approach and businesses choose to follow these trends for better results.


  • Release Cycle  :  iOS has fewer versions of the OS, which is totally different from Android. Launched about one month later, Android’s Lollipop had an adoption rate of 12% and 0.9% of the Android users are on the latest OS marshmallow and the rest of the users are still using 2year old version. On the contrary, 98% of all users are currently on iOS 7 and 8 to 89% of users are on the latest version. What this means is fewer versions reduces operational cost of maintaining and testing the application for a variety of devices is reduced.


  • Development Speed  :   Development speed is must to be considered when you are about to publish an application. As discussed earlier, because of Android fragmentation, there are issues in release cycles, so it takes 2-3 times longer than building an iOS application. The longer the app takes to develop, the higher is the price. Despite the fact, Apple’s approval adds several days between completing the app and seeing live on the App store. So it depends on how quickly you want to build the application.


  • App Cost  :  iOS users are more likely and willing to pay for apps. There are multiple ways to drive purchases in the Android platform, so it is important to consider this point when you are launching initially. And if you are planning to develop paid app, then you may have better success for iOS first. Also keep in mind that Android also has a global base for paid apps.


  • Comfort  :  And the end, choose which platform you are comfortable with. Make sure you have knowledge about mobile development skills for any particular platform as there are many businesses who switch toanother platform just because they were not successful in choice. Always choose the platform that is fit for your business.


  • When to choose iOS platform first?  Our common advice is to start with iOS platform first. The reasons are demographics, cost and development speed in the market. Taking all things into account, iOS make a sense to build the application in iOS platform first as it offers more stability.


  • When to choose Android platform first?  An application developed in Android makes sense if the audience is focused in Android, especially in developing countries and some of the urban environments and also if android users want to select the hardware itself the application needs to run on. Beyond that, there is minimal time of approval of application.


  • Conclusion  Both platforms have their own advantages. Android engages more users and reaches a broader audience and the apple iOS’ audiences are loyal. Android development is better for the local market with Google platform and large number of users and iOS development is for fast appearance in the market and increasing revenue. No matter which platform you choose –MAADI (mobile application and development India) is ready to stand next to you right from ideas to launch. We have specialized in building sophisticated mobile application giving meaningful value to your business.