iPhone Development Company India, For a New World

by admin ,January 24, 2015

Based in India iPhone Development Company India, is dedicated to iPhone software programming solutions, mobile application development and wireless development services.
Thrust areas in iPhone development are iPhone 3G Games/ Mac Games development, iPhone Calendar Application development and iPhone Web development, to name a few.

Their huge business, special talent and versatility make their services cost-effective and superior in quality, matched by only a few.

Developments undertaken by the company are innumerable:

iPhone 4 Game development is one where the staff design interesting games employing iPhone 4 features with innovation- extraordinary graphics, design features, sound effects and interactive modules.

iPhone Development Company India men easily undertake iPhone Calendar Application Development by integration of Google Calendar and iPhone SDK with iPhone which enables the user to better management of time and daily schedules; APIs in the iPhone iOS 4 is another app where the company skilfully incorporate the various innovations of Apple Inc. for enhancing iPhone’s functionality, taking you to a new world.

Other developments they make include In-App SMS, Photo-Library access, and Video Playback and capture using APIs. Further, Quick look in new APIs is enabled for preview of documents; and the company does “accelerate” using new APIs to add more mathematics.

Then, do you know the difference between the two iPhone versions- the latest 5s and the old 5c ? When speaking about iPhones knowledge of these is must.


Chiefly the differences lie in the hardware, kept inside the iPhone still some differences observable overall are as delineated below.

  • Processor speed: With A 7 processor (64 bit chip), iPhone 5s is twice faster in data processing than iPhone 5c (32 bit chip)1 Ghz.
  • Motion co-processor: This is exclusive with 5s version only, capable of interacting with iPhone’s physical features to the extent that user’s standing or sitting posture can be found; Colours: 5s is available in limited colours, whereas 5c has still a wider collection.
  • Storing space: Having 64GB, 5s is big enough to store large number of songs, apps, photos, and other things while 5c has maximum 32 GB.
  • Fingerprint scanning: scanner in 5s version allows securing your phone to your unique fingerprint, disabling operation by a different person, available in no other iPhone.
  • Camera: 5s camera has dual flash capturing colors realistically, can record slow-motion video, and a burst mode capturing 10 photos per second, whereas 5c possesses none of these.
  • Price: Cost of 5s varies as $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB, whereas a 5c costs $99 for 16GB, $199 for 32GB.