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Kik Clone Application

MAADI (Mobile Application Development India) is no where than here to get you with the clone app for Android / iPhones that imparts a very definite purpose for a brief niche that you aspire to succour. We get you with the similar clone app as Kik and customize uniquely as per your requirements that will be compatible with different mobile systems. We have overwhelmed the mobile application world. And when comes to clone apps, our clone app developers bring you exactly an app like kik with additional features like auto-destruction. The clone apps are jam-packed with new and advanced features that can be customized further on demand.


Generally, the estimated time for the application depends on the needs and wants of your clone application.

The main specification must be communication and the quirk is to connect easily within no time. And even you can add a feature of not sharing contact number or emails to anyone. And this may be the reason to develop the most famous Mobile messaging app kik.

Its not just an app cloning, all you need is to re-create a meaningful app. It authorizes the current source code to benefit different alcoves with different layouts. Take an example, you can recreate the Yik-Yak to have your own community of Fitness and Health Professionals who communicates via social messaging.

You can add In-App Purchases like cloud storage, feature Unlock, stickers and other features.

You can leverage your apps by advertisements, similar to google. Moreover, you can also add the feature to buy Remove ads as an in-app purchase, if the users are intended to use the ad-free messaging experience.

What We Include?

The coolest concealed secret is that you can send/text the logo to your friends that helps to promote your brand and also a cool little privacy you can use with your friends to hide your text.

Logo in Messages


Check if Image Is Real

You can easily identify the people tricking with you easily by tracking their photos by a tool namely, TinEye. That’s where this awesomely useful tool comes into play. This allows you to know about unknown people to get rid of.
Trick your friends that you're typing a message to them when you are actually not. Change your status "is typing" and someone will think you are constantly typing and will be super confused.

People Into Thinking You’re Typing


Social Media Integration

Users can import the pictures from Facebook while registering on the clone app and simultaneously the picture is uploaded to the server for the records. It can be used to monitor celebrities, allowing them to have a public conversation.
You can use the clone app on your PC and continue your conversation from your iPhone or Android onto your computer. It becomes handy to work when you are not convenient to use your phone.

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