Know about new perks & features of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus

by admin ,September 14, 2016

Apple has lived up to its tradition and unveiled the latest iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus. This marks the annual refresh that Apple resorts to with respect to its various models. The new model bids farewell to the headphone jack, an innovation which is all set to change the future.

features of iPhone 7

While there seems to be much debate regarding the audio port, the latest launch promises to attract users just like the previous launches. This latest Mobile App Development will hit the market soon and for all those who desire apple handsets receive the product on the very day of the launch, it is advisable to place an order soon. Pre orders for the latest versions began on 9th September, with shipping expected to start on 16th September. Orders can be placed on mobile store apps and on Apple’s website. Soon after every launch, the Apple website records high visitor traffic. For pre ordering, it is hence advisable to add it to the cart and place the order later.

Latest features

The latest handsets consist of some amazing features. Both the versions are water resistant and possess a Taptic engine which has replaced the home button. iPhone 7 has a dual lens camera which has a Potrait mode and superior zoom. These features of the camera generate bokeh inducing blur effects. The new versions contain the A10 Fusion chip which is fast and ensures better graphics performance. The batteries have also been upgraded and promise to last longer than the earlier versions. In the latest launch, Apple has also done away with the 16GB storage model. The models will now come with 32GB, 128GB and 256GB storage.

In addition to the latest features, the latest iPhone Upgrade program also promises to bring many benefits to users. On payment of a monthly fee lasting 24 months, users can with the help of Apple Care+ get repair works done at surprisingly low rates. The loan option also allows users to trade the iPhone after making 12 payments for a new one. In this way, users can again start from the scratch a 24 month cycle.