What is mCommerce? Why is mCommerce important for your business?

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What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile commerce is also known as m-commerce is the process to offer commercial services to users. Users can buy products of whatever they want or even the services online through smartphones or tablets.

Considering the increasing number of mobile users the significant growth in the mCommerce industry can be seen. Because this enables the users to accommodate their shopping habits through mobile commerce.


Types of Mobile Commerce Services

  1. The most common one is mobile retail. In this, the difference is about devices. M-commerce is not only about mobile apps but also mobile-optimized websites. Users can shop through different social media platforms too. And this has been seen and termed to be the latest trend in the market.
  1. The second one can be considered as to be mobile apps where the targeted audience can enjoy their required needs via those applications. Whether by paying some sort of fee or absolutely free one can get services through such mobile apps.
  1. The third one includes mobile applications development in India that only but consists of offering financial services. The service enables people to make money transfers. They can even handle their banking through their mobiles only.

Why Mobile Commerce?

There are certain reasons why you should go for mobile commerce for your business. It offers various benefits, some are shown as follow:

  • Ease of Access

This enables users to access mobile applications quickly to their preferred stores. By giving your targeted audience mobile applications to shop for products or use services from your business mobile applications can be much easier.

This can also make their shopping experience the fastest and preferable option to shop again. Mobile commerce applications are much quicker saving time and effort.

  • Fast Transactions

Compared to eCommerce websites mobile applications can offer more payment methods to users. 

Rather than regular credit card or debit card option, there are other options to pay too via mobile like

  1. GooglePay
  2. PhonePe
  3. PayPal
  4. Amazon Pay

and many more..

  • Marketing

In order to boost your customer engagement, mobile apps are the best way. These platforms can offer marketing channels for you to take advantage of. You can inform your clients about the arrival of new products with push notifications.

Even in case, they can create a newsfeed with all the information regarding the latest products with their prices and if any discounts or coupons are applied.

This can possibly show that you are loyal and even seems about the fact that you care about customers requirements

  • Lower Costs with higher Productivity

Using a mobile app in order to connect your targeted audience easily can save money. Even social media marketing can help a lot in reduced costs. Utilizing customers only to help you spread your brand and attract other customers too can be termed in higher productivity.

Trends in Mobile Commerce App Development

  • Chatbot

Chatbots can be seen everywhere which are designed to talk like humans only. They can answer the frequently asked questions in a simple way etc can be done and is recently trending in the market.

  • AR Technologies

This has firmly entered everyone’s life now. One can implement your AR in your mobile applications to allow customers to try your service or products.

  • Voice Search

The one who owns a voice-activated speaker has now become a daily routine of many people. Now the majority of the public uses voice search on their mobile phones. So now one cannot ignore this technology because it has become an important factor needed in an application.

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