Mobile App Economics 2016: A Survey

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To evaluate cost ranges to build any mobile application, one needs evocative mobile app development company s’ survey. From overall investigation, the conclusion came with ranges most in between $5000 & $1,50,000. The premier way is to evaluate your application quote from experienced development companies. Regarding mobile app development cost, following discussion helps you more.

Survey Design:

Perspectives from business expert analyzers, sophisticated digest helps overall ideas to determine required time and design features. Due to variations in survey from various companies, for cost figures. Hourly rate’s matters with median highs-lows.

Key Findings:

For any mobile application, study results indicate remarkable financial investment ideas with exact costs.

Total Cost Range:

The examination graph from hour-cost estimation, majority $50 to $150 per hour cost defined. Hourly costs may vary depends on your requirement model and the tool you used. For the single platform, this fact doesn’t include any maintenance and update costs.

Wide Ranging Cost Component:

From the analysis, following are median high-low between high range variables.

  • For user scalability, back-end built
  • Enterprise data access
  • CMS or web portal for app management
  • Visual designing
  • Testing: internal, user and deployment

From recent era, variations in this five factor declaims that app can be highly customized, time consuming and challenging.

Cost Components & Drivers:

Some factors who affect cost are described here, which could be declared from each corner survey as a summary.

1.     Planning:

·         Research & Discovery:

Median range is 8 to 40 hrs and 200 hrs max

The research and analysis time phase fully depends on project size, complexity, number of features, new advancements, industry maturity, client explanation, market research and so on.

·         Scope Definition:

Median range is 9 to 27 hrs and 160 hrs max

This phase defines research on the scope or plan for the project and documentation. If the project is more complex it will surely take long time. If client provides existing documentation, wire frames, then time may decreased.

2.     Design:

·         Wire framing:

Median range is 14 to 56 hrs and 140 hrs max

Layout and structure of each screen are modeled here. If app has complex requirements, numerous features and much details on each screen then, this phase time will increased.

·         Visual design:

Estimated median range is 14 to 87 hrs and 210 hrs max (if app has seven screens)

The image & icon creation and other artistic element development included in this process. More specific preferences, complex UI, number of screens, more custom design use increases this step time.

·         User experience:

Median range is 7 to 28 hrs and 200 hrs max

More interactive, easy layouts, flexible screen ensures the user experience designing for a particular operating system. This step isn’t a separated but if an app consisting those features, then wire framing  and UX design include more time considering this process.

3.     Features:

Features want to included on an app may affect more to app building cost and time. Complex and unknown features drive app cost high.

  • Native device features:

Median range is 4 to 29 hrs and 100 hrs max

Those attributes of the app, which interact with device hardware. The more number increases time to build an application

  • User engagement:

Median range is 5 to 30 hrs and 150 hrs max

Engagement facilities such as: Email, push notification, SMS, Social sharing are sometimes used in the mobile app. This also affects a lot in time.

  • User Login:

Median range is 4 to 28 hrs and 70 hrs max

This may simple or complex. Session, cookies, forgot password, remember me, additional facilities and other aspects included in this section which affects development time.

  • Use of location data:

Median range is 5 to 24 hrs and 150 hrs max

If your app allows this characteristic, the cost may greatly dependable when the data received. Some Geo functionalities and location features involved in this phase.

  • Payments:

Median range is 20 to 40 hrs and 200 hrs max

If a client application offers customized or standard payments for any transaction, requires distinctive time and building efforts to integrate payment methods.

  • Sync across Device:

Median range is 16 to 62 hrs and 200 hrs max

If the data is synchronized with any back-end tools, data may consistently be accessible throughout any devices. This quality grows the app development cost.

4.     Infrastructure:

·         Initial Setup or Basic Controls:

Median range is 5 to 20 hrs and 50 hrs max

Large number of user controls, large project size back-end system integration, advanced customization higher the cost and time.

·         Data Storage and Third party API Integration:

Median range is 6 to 50 hrs and 200 hrs max

Data storage with different data set, APIs, third party establishment define complex task, so it’s intense the cost as well as duration. Besides this, for some security purpose data encryption also may included that affects cost.

5.     App Administration:

Infrastructure for performance management:

Median range is 8 to 20 hrs and 80 hrs max

Mostly applications built with analytics to estimate user behaviors and performance. This leads detailed and very specific tracking, and extends the time and cost.

·         Testing:

Internal, User, Deployment testing:

Median range is 30 to 160 hrs and 300 hrs max

More complex featured and screens increase testing time and efforts to build variables and test cases. This factor is quite crucial and salient.

·         Deployment:

Licensing and Packaging:

Median range is 5 to 11 hrs and 40 hrs max

This phase relatively requires less time to configure and uploading to app stores and other platforms.


At last, your mobile application is obviously not only for you. So, need to add the Mobile Application Marketing or App Store Optimization to reach your potential customers/clients. Its cost depends on your budget but basic marketing includes $1000 to $3000 or $10,000 per month or even more.