Must-Have Mobile App Features for Start-ups

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by admin ,December 20, 2021


Technology continues to play a vital role in easing the efforts of businesses to get ahead. New technologies are introduced quite frequently hence this is a continuous process. Besides being beneficial to the well-established business it is also a boon to start-ups. The number of people with smartphones is on the rise and more people are spending time online or using their mobile devices for the purpose of research.

All types of businesses can benefit from choosing to develop software, especially mobile applications. However, it is essential one includes some basic features to be successful. This article provides a more detailed explanation of the type of features one should include and how a professional mobile application development in India
can help.

List of Features for Start-ups Mobile Apps

Every business will have different requirements for their mobile application however, there are some features that will remain the same and are essential for the success of your business.

These features are listed here:

    • Social media integration: Social media has a high number of users hence integrating it with your application is highly beneficial. A mobile application can benefit in many ways from social media applications; one of the best methods is allowing users to log in with their social media account.


    • Informational Dashboard: A good dashboard is always more appealing to the users. This is the ideal screen to place vital information and updates. Ensure your app takes advantage of this for a more efficient and smooth app.


    • Presence of Voice features: Voice features are the future with already many people using them. Making your app more user-friendly by adding voice features can only work in your favor.


    • Inclusion of new technologies like AR/VR: There is no dearth of technologies with new ones creeping up every day. Designing unique features that implement such technologies can give your business the edge. Some of the technologies you can benefit from include AI, AR, VR, etc.


    • Wallet feature: Including a wallet in your applications is a must, especially for eCommerce applications. This increases the usability of your application.


    • Visible security: Including security features will protect your applications from obvious threats and boost consumer confidence. Make such features more apparent and visible to the average user. This can include data encryption, strong authentication, multiple verifications to log in, automatic updates, etc.


    • Personalized touch: Apps are more appealing to the users if they are made to feel special. This can be done by adding a personal touch to mobile apps by using AI and allowing users to customize their accounts.


App Development Cost in India

The cost to develop a mobile app for your business varies depending on the type of features you plan to include. It also depends on the type of application you are developing and the nature of your business. It is best to keep your application simple and intuitive. It also pays to develop cross-platform, simple, and effective apps with geolocation features. Maadi is one of the leading mobile application development companies in India. We provide the best mobile phone applications irrespective of the type of business and always include all the essential features. You can trust us for affordable mobile application development.