React Native – Why To Use It For Mobile App Development?

by admin ,August 30, 2018

The mobile app development has made many strides in the technological sector. The platforms in the said sector whether it is Android or iOS they have been providing the users with state of the art solutions. They have innovated mobile devices along with the applications that run those devices. The mobile applications have solved many significant problems of the people and the main reason behind the innovation of the development tools and the proficiency of the developers.

React Native – Why To Use It For Mobile App Development_

The React Native is one such development framework that has contributed to the development of both Android and iOS applications. The React Native is a hybrid app development framework where it uses JavaScript. The React Native makes the requirement of Java program for Android and Swift/Objective-C for iOS obsolete. The React Native leads the developer to a fully functional application on multiple platforms in much less time. Hence React Native became a favourite of many mobile app developers from all around the world. If you are a mobile app developer then you probably may have a question is React Native any good and does it have a practical application? Here are some features of React Native which will help you understand why it is good for mobile app development.

One codebase – two platforms

The React Native allows the developer to develop an application for two platforms with just single time coding. The library for React Native is the main reason for the one codebase for two platforms. Once codebase can significantly reduce the development time for two applications where actually one application is developed. Hence the one developed application can be compiled on multiple platforms which make it easier for the app owner to start their business swiftly.

Zero rewriting

As the application is just written once on JavaScript using React Native the application is compilable on different platforms. So there is now rewriting code to develop applications for other platforms. If the application runs on either one platform then it is sure that it would run on other platforms. Hence there is no rewriting of codes to make the app compatible with different platforms. To sum up, there is no rewriting of codes to make the app work for different platforms.

Third-party plugin support

The Third-party elements can be integrated into the application developed in the React Native framework. This will allow the developers to add custom solutions in the application. The custom solutions in the application will make the app suitable for any end-users of the client. There are many third-party plug-ins such as Bluetooth, GPS, etc that can be integrated into the application based on the developer’s needs.

Enhanced code quality

The React Native overcomes all limitations of code quality that developers face during multi-platform app development. The codes in React Native are much shorter than other frameworks and programming languages. The shorter codes consume less memory space which will make the mobile application process much faster. The testing and debugging on this code base becomes much easier and hence it makes the mobile app development much easier.

Here are some of the reasons React Native should be used in mobile app development. There are many companies of Mobile App Development in India that uses React Native to develop Android as well as iOS applications. Apart from that, there are many popular brands that use React Native for the development. In fact, Facebook was the brand that introduced React Native to the world. React Native has a bright future ahead as a mobile app development tool and if you are a developer then it is beneficial for you to develop your application on React Native.