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Repix Clone Application

Repix – A photo-editor lets your photos to be turned into masterpieces and has gained its popularity and over 15 million people are using this app. And for your success, MAADI (Mobile Application Development India) is all set to replicate this concept of photo-editor. We offer customized and affordable clone app development for repix clones. More than this, we also customize the app as per your specification and ensure for better ROI. The clone app may help you to stand next to the likes of PicShop Pro and Pixlr Express and offers more animated, artistic-feel to the photo editing that goes beyond the imagination. Having incurred with a number of mobile applications, MAADI has made its place in the online market rapidly. Our clone app designers have ample experience of creating UI and UX for cloning your mobile app and customizing it as per requirements with precision. Regardless of what your application demands, we are all way with you to understand your needs and give you a desired output.


We have years of experience to integrate social media API with photo editors and sharing app since it is the niche for growing of mobile apps.

We can offer you an exact time estimation depending on your application's specifications and different other variables.

Having been one of the best photo app development company, we at MAADI develop the application giving the best of user experience. We have developed the apps that already gone a way through million of the phones. And when comes to clone the app, we definitely make it better than Repix - more than your clone app - brand for your own.

Our team of UI and UX designers have ample experience in the field of designing.

We not only clone the app just for the sake of the cloning, but we build a meaningful recreation of the app with the business model. It depends on, in-app purchases to create ROI for the app and we ensure that we don't ad that irritates while using the app.

Generally to interpret the timeline and budget for any application, it needs a brief analysis, scoping and documentation. Whilst you specified your requirements for similar app for Repix, but still remains the key features that separates an application from the other. Accordingly, we develop the app and after the discussion, we will be able to define the timeline and cost for the application. You just sit back and relax, for any budget constraints, we are glad to have foremost MVP in the market without justifying the work quality.

There are lot many ways to generate revenue like you can create in-app purchases-paid/free versions of the app, unlock features for more photo effects, images purchase, etc. You can also advertise, implement points, prize or rewards system.

We offer three months bug-free support so that your photo editing app continues to perform better at its best.

What We Include?

The clone app gets you with different options like pre-designed effects, image adjustments, brushes, frames and crops. The effects range from classic black and white to more colorful or atmospheric effects. More than this, you can also add unique effects packages for in-app purchase. It may also include settings like brightness, contrast, color, vignette, etc. and has common features like cropping and framing.

Instant filters, Effects and Tweaks


Attractive design

The clone app instantly displays different editing effects like to adjust the values, different brushing effects, etc. Even you can add handy eraser for an ease if you want to use in case of any mistakes.
Re-designing the combination of photo-effects app and drawing app. If you are seeking for an app to retouch your photos and want a little bit of creativity, then cloning the app as per your specifications becomes interesting.

More creative editing



You can replicate your clone app's interface to be cool and make it incredibly simple and easy to use. If you are gaming with any photo editing tool from the Google Play Store, the interface should feel quite familiar.
The app can get you with the plenty of things to do and offers nice shades to build whatever you can to do with your images. Though it is limited, but it is definitely a cool app to use and you can also create masterpiece images.



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