Strategies that can help you earn more Revenues from your app

by admin ,October 5, 2016

The dependency on tablets and smartphones has increased in the recent years. This has necessitated the development of various kinds of mobile apps that can be used to provide services to customers. Apps which have user friendly layouts and are well designed tend to attract more customers. The other factors that can help in enhancing the app include putting on them captivating collections of screenshot, videos and photos. Giving a trendy name to the app and marketing it using various social media platforms helps in attracting customers. Few other strategies that can help in increasing the revenue from the apps include:

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Creating the right first impression

Once the app has been downloaded by a customer, it is important to make them realize the true app value. It is hence important to provide them a good experience, the first time they use the app. This can ensure customer loyalty for the apps. The presentation of the app increases the chances of customers opting to make an account for the app and choosing push notifications. This helps in increasing the revenue from the apps.


Personalized features and suggestions help in keeping the customers engaged. Personal notifications and recommendations that cater to the specific needs of customers help in retaining customers. The personalized features help customers to relate with the app.

Mobile conversion

Once the customers have been engaged in the apps, it is necessary to motivate them for making purchases. This forms the primary goal of any app. Customized messages and reminders may be sent to customers regarding the products in their cart. Push notifications may also be sent to ensure mobile conversion.

Extension to social media

Customers satisfied with the experience from the app generally make various types of social media posts. This helps in attracting more customers. Various social media platforms can effectively be used for advertising. They provide a great platform to update people about the various discounts and offers.

Retaining users

Various types of strategies may be adopted for retaining customers. Few of them include providing easy onboard ongoing processes, using deep linking, using share options, special discounts, reward points and offers to premium members. These features can effectively be incorporated in apps by using the services of expert companies like Mobile App Development India.