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Which is the best platform for a latest app development in 2021, Android or IOS?

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Are you planning to build an app for your business? The most important thing during the app development procedure is that you have to decide whether you want the app for iOS or Android. Your goal can be to launch the app on both platforms but it can be ve

React Native – Why To Use It For Mobile App Development?

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The mobile app development has made many strides in the technological sector. The platforms in the said sector whether it is Android or iOS they have been providing the users with state of the art solutions. They have innovated mobile devices along with t

Significance of Mobile App Quality and How to maintain it

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The mobile applications are extremely helpful for daily uses around the world. The daily tasks such as ordering food to booking taxi have been made easy by mobile apps. The current app count on all app stores is over 5 million applications whether it is A

IOS or android which mobile app to develop first?

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When you are about to develop a mobile application, the question arises “iOS or Android?” Most of business start with one platform and expand the same into the other. But again, which platform to choose first? The answer to your question is based o

Criteria’s to develop user-friendly taxi app for IPhone and android?

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[caption id="attachment_2026" align="alignleft" width="300"] taxi app developement[/caption] Finding a taxi in a unknown city is a tedious job so in order to make our tedious job easy many people has come with taxi app which help you find taxi in just