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6 Mobile App Development Trends that will do wonders in 2021

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From being luxury in the year 1980 to be a primary need in the year 2020, mobile phones have transformed a lot. The main reason behind this is the changes and innovations in the field of Mobile app development. Undoubtedly, mobile apps are ruling the worl

Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out for 2018

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Technology evolved at a rapid rate in 2017 and it will still continue to grow in 2018. Many fields have seen development during this rapid growth. But the field that has seen the most development is the mobile app development field. With over 250 billion

Common app marketing mistakes every company must avoid

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Marketing mobile apps is a task which requires much thought and implementation of an appropriate strategy. In the absence of a good strategy the app may fail to be successful. Common app marketing mistakes Listed are few common app marketing mistakes wh

Key factors involved in developing a taxi app similar to uber

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The business model followed by Uber is a source of inspiration for a lot of mobile app developers. The demand for taxi apps like Uber has registered an increase. In order to match the increasing demand, app developers are looking at options for developing

How to create mobile app

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Mobile App development India has undergone a phenomenal change in the recent years. A number of companies are making efforts to mark their presence in the field. Mobile app development involves a series of steps. 1) Defining the goal For Mobile App

IOS or android which mobile app to develop first?

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When you are about to develop a mobile application, the question arises “iOS or Android?” Most of business start with one platform and expand the same into the other. But again, which platform to choose first? The answer to your question is based o