The Influence of Mobile Apps on the E-commerce Businesses

by admin ,February 14, 2017

With the upsurge of smartphones in the market, customers have started buying more and more products from mobile devices than the conventional computers. According to recent reports, total revenue of $770 million from mobile users has been recorded in the latter part of 2016. Even though enterprises are struggling to shift their businesses to a mobile platform, they also have to fathom whether a mobile website or a mobile app would work for their business.

In comparison to mobile websites, mobile apps are becoming more popular with the passing time (as they provide more customer data). Moreover, customers will probably remember and revisit a mobile app as there is more visibility on a phone screen than as to an Internet browser’s bookmark.

E-commerce Mobile App development

Well, how does the increasing popularity of apps affects the e-commerce websites? Mobile apps are also influencing the shopping behavior of the customers and thus, it becomes important for an e-commerce business to comprehend the current popular trends to cultivate the most from the mobile apps.

Know Your Customers

The customer’s data is the current talk of the e-commerce mobile app market. A business can better comprehend a customer’s likes and dislikes and then personalize their app accordingly. But there are some genuine concerns about data abuse by the companies whereas they can also make the best of the gathered data to boost customer experience. Also, along with the gathered customer data, enterprises need to have their own pool of data to develop an effective mobile app.

Contrarily to websites, it is difficult to develop an application that is compatible with every type of phone. Hence, it is necessary for e-commerce business to consider the mobile devices their target customer’s use and then develop an app for it.

Customer Engagement

Mobile apps are not just for conducting sales. Apps can also be used as a marketing tool. Latest figures indicate that a particular user spends around 90% of their time on mobile apps than on mobile websites.

An e-commerce business can employ multiple approaches to attract more customers using mobile apps, but the most economical one is the content marketing. A business should often put business related content on the app which interests the target customers. You can also use social media networks or start blogs to promote your business.

The Loading Time

The loading time of a website is connected with the customer engagement. Slow loading time of your website can destroy your business in no time as impatient customers will switch to another site. According to a survey, if a site takes more than three seconds to load, 45% of the users will jump to another website.

It is important to keep in mind, that not every user would have access to 3G or 4G network speed all the time. A business has to ensure that their website or app is easily accessible to every mobile user. Likewise, a mobile app should ensure fast loading speed otherwise it would meet the same fate as mobile websites. E-commerce businesses have to lay more emphasis on loading time as well as functionality as this will directly affect the future of their business application.

The Persistent Growth of Apps

As the customers will get more comfortable with apps instead of mobile websites, the growth of mobile apps will only increase with time. Businesses should make sure that their developed app is interesting, easy to load and can deliver and employ data for their own benefit. Certainly, there are already thousands of apps out there, but you can still develop a more effective and unique app by keeping in mind the requirements of your target customers. To create a better app, you need developers who are inclined to develop or enhance your business app. Mobile App Development India provides exceptional e-commerce mobile app development services for large enterprises as well as small businesses. We have a team of apt developers who will consider the current e-commerce trends, your target customers and then endeavor to develop the best possible app for your business project.

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