The iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.3 Update – What it Offers

by admin ,November 9, 2016

The 10.0.3 update which is available in iPhone 7 models has a lot to offer in terms of features and characteristics. The update is less than 100MB and provides some amazing bug fixing solutions. Few things to know about this update include:

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Performance and impressions

Being small, the update takes little time to install. The installation process is smooth and there have not been any reports of problems faced during installation. Once the installation is complete, the battery functions normally and does not drain out. The update works well on all types of ISP’s, Bluetooth devices and routers. The update also seems to work well on iPhone 7 models without causing the devices to become slow. In fact, it is faster than the 10.0.2 version update. This provides numerous opportunities for iPhone App Development.

Once updated, the devices however experience a frequent number of reboots in which the phone locks and users are required to input their passcodes. The numerous bug fixes provided by the device however are a major advantage.

Cellular data issues

The latest update effectively resolves the issue of cellular data loss which is reported in iPhone 7 versions. This can be a major benefit of installing the update.

Choosing between installing and not installing iOS 10.0.3

There are many advantages associated with installing the new update. However, due to the various cellular data issues encountered, it is advisable to evaluate few factors before installing the update.

Preparing for iOS 10.0.3

Before opting to install the latest update, it is advisable to take certain preparatory steps and thoroughly examine the pros and cons of it. This may help you deal better with the various aspects related to the update.

Bluetooth issues

The most common issue faced with various iPhone 7 devices is regarding the Bluetooth connection. Users are reported to have faced multiple problems in the Bluetooth headsets and speakers.

Other issues

A number of users have been facing various kinds of issues in their iPhone devices. These issues primarily relate to operating system issues, problems regarding battery life, touch screen and 3D touch issues, problems regarding usage of Touch ID, random reboots, and problems in using third party services, Wi-Fi connectivity and several other problems. However, most of these problems can easily be fixed.