The unique features of Android devices that makes them score above Apple

by admin ,August 22, 2016

The war between Android and iOS devices never seems to fade. Both the rivals battle with each other to win the trust and loyalty of customers. Although the features provided by both the rival mobile platforms are generally similar, Android users can avail of a few advantages which iOS users may be deprived of. Among these, the main ones include:

unique features of Android devices

More device choices

Android devices are large in number and offer customers a wide range to choose from. Various companies specialize in making Android devices. iOS devices on the other hand are only manufactured by Apple. This leaves customers with a limited amount of choice. Android phones on the other hand are available in a variety of budget ranges and can suit the pocket of every customer. The various available Android devices may also be inter- related to provide more convenience to customers.

Device personalization

Android devices are highly customizable in terms of size, style and software. The backgrounds, color schemes, services and screen images may be customized by users. This is a major advantage offered by Android devices. The clinical grid used in Apple devices lacks this feature.


Android devices provide quick access to information related to fitness, calendar appointments, weather and many other aspects on the home screen by making use of widgets. These devices contain numerous pre-installed widgets that offer convenience to users. The widgets in Apple phones are limited to the notification area and are hence not very convenient to use.

Additional storage options

Storing various kinds of data using Android devices is quite easy. While Apple users are required to follow a series of complex procedures for storing files, Android users can easily do so by plugging their devices to other systems.


By allowing users to use multiple screens, Android devices facilitate multi-tasking. The feature of operating multiple applications together adds to the appeal of Android devices. This feature is absent in Apple devices.

Smooth notifications

Android devices prevent losing notifications by keeping them in view unless dismissed. Notifications on apple phones however may easily be lost on unlocking the device.

Free up space

Android devices allow users to create free space for various types of apps quickly and easily. Creating free space on Apple devices however involves a complex process. In view of the various benefits offered by Android devices, Mobile app Development India has shifted its focus on this mobile operating system.