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Tinder Clone Application

MAADI (Mobile application development India) has reevaluated the artificial dating experience by rebuilding Tinder, Swoon and Gridr alike applications. With our specialization in mobile technology and the game changing point of view, we are inclined to overhaul the complete dating outline with our Tinder, Swoon and Grindr Clone. Here, we can get you with best identical apps like Tinder with some extra features that are fit for marketing and promotion helping you to get better ROI (Return of Investment). It is indeed great to come across with, right?


What We Include?

We use Google Maps API & it comes with mobile based app tracking mechanism and the location is matched with GPS tracking. Just tie down the location of the user with GPS Geo Fencing feature. You can find relevant matches based on your search location criteria and find alike profiles you need.

Track Your Match


Social Login

If you want to access the clone app directly to your social media accounts,instead of logging by typing the username, password etc., we get data from your social media profiles making simple for you to create a user profile. We also make sure that we do not any post anything on social media without your permissions for security reasons.
After the completion of the sign up, the user needs to verify his/her account by call/SMS verification. This call/SMS verification is automatically integrated with us and we make sure that your details are not disclosed.

Secure Authentication


Filter your match

We offer an advanced search option, arriving with more filters resulting in more accurate results saving your time. Filter your criteria according to age & sex and location. You can also explore profiles, images, and also find mutual interests & mutual friends.


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