Tips and Tricks for Android users by Google

by admin ,August 5, 2016

Google recently launched a special website that can improve the experience of users of Android devices. The website offers tips and tricks that can easily be implemented by Android users. It is inspired from Google’s very own website which gives tips for using Google on various platforms and apps. The Android tricks and tips website caters to all types of users. It serves as a complete guide for new and experienced Android users. It promises to be a boon for Android users who can save much of their time and effort which otherwise would have been required for finding various android tricks.

Google Tips and Tricks for Android users

It provides a wide range of information and some extremely useful tips. Android users can consult the website for generic tips. For instance the battery saving tip advises users to reduce screen brightness or enable the inbuilt battery saver mode. Syncing photos with Google photos to access photos from any device is also a good battery saving tip recommended by the website. The website provides all relevant information that users can effectively use to get more from their Android devices.

Various facets like settings, apps, customization, voice assistance and recognition, camera, battery, security and privacy are catered to in the website. The home page features a dedicated section where users can get the top tricks and tips for Android devices. Apart from providing tricks for Android smart phones, the device also provides tricks and tips for Android Auto, Android Tablet, Android TV and Android Wear.

The tips can prove extremely useful for Android loyalists as well as first time users. The website has much to offer and can suit the requirements of a number of clients. The tips offered can help users who use a diverse range of Android devices. These tips can contribute significantly in enhancing the user experience. With the launch of this website, the popularity of Android devices is expected to record a substantial increase. The increasing popularity can transform Android App Development. Android developers can also make use of these tips to create apps that can offer an enhanced user experience with high functionality features and aspects.