Top 6 Frameworks For Hybrid App Development

by admin ,March 1, 2018

Mobile apps nowadays come in different shapes and sizes. There is three most prominent type of app in the app stores that you come around often, and they are native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps. All these apps are developed at a large scale by the developers, and the app type that is getting the most attention these days are the hybrid app.

The hybrid apps are the apps that have the advantages of native apps as well as web apps. Hybrid apps can run on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc, without effort. And the main advantage of the hybrid app is that the application needs only one codebase with which the application can run on all platforms. But the development of hybrid apps requires cutting-edge frameworks and tools to make it compatible with multiple platforms.

The hybrid app framework converts the HTML/JS/CSS codes into a native SDK format which allows the app to run on different platforms. Developers use these frameworks based on the usability and the needs of the application. There are many Mobile App Development Companies in India that are popular for providing superior hybrid app development solutions that use frameworks to ensure a better quality of applications. Below given is a list of prominent frameworks that are used by such development companies.

Frameworks For Hybrid App Development1. PhoneGap

Out of every framework, PhoneGap is the name that gets repeated a lot. PhoneGap is one of the prominent frameworks that are used by expert developers. It uses the joint effort of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and enough knowledge of these languages can help you get started with PhoneGap development. Apache Cordova can be extended with native plug-ins that enable developers to add native features to the hybrid applications.

2. Xamarin

Xamarin is yet another popular framework that is used by developers. It is developed and managed by Microsoft, therefore it is a lot faster and easier to implement. The Xamarin uses C# for coding purposes. It makes the use of common language infrastructure and common language specifications that allows the application to run on multiple platforms. As per a survey, Xamarin is used by over 1.4 million developers around the world. The apps build using these frameworks provide a native experience and are rated well in regard to performance.

3. Framework 7

Framework 7 is an open-source hybrid app development framework. Although it is new it is much more accepted than other frameworks that fall in the similar category of frameworks. The reason that it is so much popular and accepted is that it provides feature-rich applications. Therefore it is known as the best tool for iOS hybrid app development. Framework 7 supports technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that is easy to implement.

4. Ionic

The ionic framework is totally open-source SDK for hybrid app development. It has roots in Angular.JS and Apache Cordova which serves as the perfect tool for development. In basic, it uses CSS, HTML, and Sass which are also tools for developing websites. Therefore, it is easy to learn and implement. Ionic performs well with predefined components in the codes. It is also compatible with Cordova-based application packages making it faster to code. Hence Ionic is gaining prominence in the hybrid app development sector.

5. Kendo UI

Kendo UI relies mostly on jQuery, which lets it inherits the 70+ widgets that jQuery offers. But like any other framework, it works on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The design of the application built using Kendo UI is exceptional, which makes it popular in hybrid app development. The factor that sets it in the unique field is the custom theme-building feature.

6. Onsen UI

Onsen UI is an on growing framework that is gaining popularity gradually. The coding of the app using this framework happens in HTML5 and JavaScript and is later passed through Cordova and PhoneGap for the building of the app. This framework is flexible, easy to use, and also has a semantic markup component that is free to use for commercial projects.

There are many other frameworks that can also be used for hybrid app development, but the frameworks that are given above are some of the best frameworks that many development companies around the world widely use. Different frameworks have different concepts of working that the developer should understand. Therefore the framework that you choose should be based on the usability and the needs of your application.