Top 7 Benefits of developing an E-commerce App

by admin ,January 12, 2017

E-commerce app has become more important with the growing popularity of smartphones and that is why it is necessary to develop e-commerce apps that work seamlessly on any platform. These apps can be fully incorporated with any e-commerce portal and provide you the complete flexibility to be in control of your e-business website. Mobile is gradually becoming the most important principle of e-commerce needs and is the major ‘singular’ growth in the e-commerce sector. The increasing number of smartphones makes e-commerce apps an essential requirement for businesses.

The exponential growth in mobile technology has made consumers more aware of what they want and where to find it. Whether you are administering a business on your own, or have a team to handle it, having a solid mobile strategy is important to take advantage of the rise of mobile commerce. If you are not able to handle the in-house matters, it is advisable to outsource some of the operations of your business.

ecommerece app development

In this prominent digital world, laying more emphasis on an e-commerce website is not enough to promote sales and visibility, regardless of how optimized it is. Your business needs an app that could work effectively across all major platforms and allows you to easily conduct and update your e-business portal with ease. One has to keep up with the requirements of the fast-changing world and the latest development trends in order to for the business to stay solid. It is time to modify your business approaches a little.

A well-developed mobile app intended for the right customers can result in outstanding levels of engagement. Generally, if users have downloaded an app they really like, they will utilize it more often and for longer than its equivalent mobile website. The potential value is clear. But before developing a mobile app, there are two questions you have to ask yourself:

1. How will an app offer additional benefit to our potential and current customers? Find an approach to evaluate this as well.

2. Will the additional value from the app exceeds the initial development and ongoing maintenance expenses? Apps can be very expensive, and costs can differ extensively based on what type of functionality you build in, its quality, and current updates.

Built-in Features on Your Phone

Apps have the unique potentiality to incorporate seamlessly with some of your smartphone’s inbuilt features. The most useful ones are:

  • GPS/Location: With this feature, you can determine your user’s current location. This will let you direct them to your nearest store so that they can locate your products more easily and quickly.
  • Camera: You could integrate several social functionalities into your app where users could be encouraged to click pictures of themselves using your products, which are then automatically shared to your website.
  • Microphone: This feature can be used to help boost search usability.  Give people the option to say what they are searching for instead of typing it in.
  • Gyroscope/Accelerometer: This allows your app to identify the current position and velocity of your phone. This feature is generally used with games but it could be used to accelerate the navigation process or use augmented reality to give another level to your app.

Push Notifications:

This can be used to send notifications to your customers’ mobile phones. Using this you can remind them of important sales, new products, etc. Keep in mind not to overdo this feature as that can become irritating, but if used properly, that could be a very helpful marketing tool.

Offline Availability:

When an app is downloaded you can use it offline until your battery dies. However, many e-commerce apps, such as the Amazon app, actually load content from servers to display the latest information on products and hence require connectivity.

Improved Usability:

You just have to download apps once and then you can start using them, so there is the potential for enhanced interactivity and design as your initial download doesn’t have to load in 3 seconds like a web page.  This allows you to get functionalities such as high definition visuals, animations, and complex interactions. You can also improve your app with complex gamification designed to boost engagement.


Once an app is downloaded and installed on your device, many features and elements will load and operate very quickly, because speed is depended upon your phone’s processing power and not on your internet connection.

User Preferences & Purchasing Pattern:

Apps are more useful to businesses that draw in loyal, repeat customers who buy multiple products versus the customers who are only one-time visitors. This is because an app offers a profound level of engagement with your brand than a website. If they are frequently visiting, then an app could certainly save their time with your full brand experience only one click away. This is definitely a benefit that one time buyers don’t really care about.

In View:

People usually save apps to their home screens or via shortcuts. This increase the visibility of the apps, which means they will probably be reminded of them more often.

Hence, hiring the services of a professional eCommerce website and resource builder can provide you with advanced and quicker input. Mobile app development India delivers E-commerce app development solutions for businesses that need to build apps for intended customers.