Top things to consider before starting mobile app development

by admin ,April 23, 2016

Mobile App Development – Few Important Aspects To Be Considered By Developers
Mobile App Development India (MAADI) is one of the top mobile app development company India. It focuses on app development for iPhone and android phones, catering to the needs of local and international clients.
Mobile app development India has undergone a significant transition in the recent years. With the increasing demand for mobile apps, most companies hire mobile app developer to design apps. Most developers use phonegap to develop apps.

App designing involves the following considerations:


    • Simplicity:  
      App developers can focus on designing apps which are simple to use. Apps should cater to the specific needs, instead of providing unnecessary features. Simplicity ensures easy market penetration.


    • Research:  
      Before developing apps, it is advisable to do a little research regarding other apps and their functionality. It can give an insight about the related trends in the market.


    • Evaluate user need:  
      Before designing apps, it is essential to understand the nature and requirements of the end users. Apps should take into account the user requirements and focus on catering to them.


    • Context:  
      It is important to evaluate the context in which the app will be used. These considerations include evaluating whether the app requires internet connection, whether it is to be used as a primary or secondary app and its suitability in the workflows of the end users. This can help develop better apps.


    • User Involvement:  
      Success of an app depends on the level of user engagement. For instance, apps designed for internal use of an enterprise can give preference to creation of a focus group. The higher the user engagement in the app, better the chances of its success.


    • Platform:  
      App development requires defining the platform for which it is designed. Various kinds of platforms are ios, android, windows and blackberry.


    • Data sharing:   
      This involves determining whether the app would access existing data and share information between users. It also includes the application programming interfaces (API’s) used.


    • Security:   
      A good app must ensure security of the data entered by users and efforts can be made to enhance data protection in the app.


    • Testing:  
      Once the app has been developed, it may be put through the process of mobile app testing to check its functionality.


    • Budget:   
      The app developed should be within the budget of the clients.
      The increased usage of apps for business and personal use has drawn the attention of many companies. However, companies may exercise caution to ensure that quality is not compromised upon to meet this surge in demand.