Using the Unique Features of Google Maps for a Better Experience

by admin ,August 16, 2016

Google maps is a popular application that is used by a number of people to seek help in various location related issues. There have been some significant changes in the functions of the application. Few of them include:

Google Maps tips and tricks

Offline maps

Google allows users to download maps so that they may be used later at times when it may not be possible to gain access to an internet connection. Using the Hamburger tab of the application, you can download offline maps to suit your convenience.

Wi–Fi usage

In order to help users save data while navigating Google maps, the application now has a feature that permits navigation only on being connected to a Wi- fi network. This helps to save a substantial amount of data.

Marking important places

Users can use the application to mark the important and frequently visited destinations on the map. Once marked, users can receive automatic alerts about the traffic and other situation in and around the marked areas.

Send directions

A new feature in the Google maps application allows users to communicate directions between their computers and phone. The directions can be shared via text and email by signing in to the Google account.

Add multiple stops

The new feature allows users to search for multiple locations and directions in one go. This feature offers much convenience to the users.

Identify the places you have been to

By choosing the timeline option on the Google maps application, users can keep a record of the places visited. It also gives a record of the time spent at each location.

Extra drive storage

The reward policy of Google allows users to earn points for various activities. The points can be used to gain access to the various features and products of Google.

Measure distances

Google maps allow users to measure the accurate distance between two points or routes. This provides greater accuracy and enables users to estimate the travel times.

Search for places

While navigating on Google maps, users can search various places like fuel stations, restaurants and many others with ease. The navigation can also be done through the voice feature of the application. All these unique features of the application have led to significant changes in the field of Mobile App Development India. The developers can with the help of these features develop more user friendly apps.