Upgraded Features of the iOS 10 Version of the iPad Pro

The iOS 10 iPad Pro promises some upgraded features that are all set to improve the existing models of iPad Pro. The latest features will also focus on fixing some minor issues experienced while operating the iPad Pros. The new features added include revamped message app, clearer and better pictures, upgraded notification feature and a revamped lock screen. Few of the other features include:

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Three pane interface for mail and notes

The 12.9 inch model of iOS 10 iPad Pro efficiently utilizes the giant display. It uses the three pane interface for notes and mail. The feature will allow users to multitask while using the Pro. By turning the pro to the landscape mode, users can view all the three panes and effectively do more at the same time.

Split view for Safari

The new version of iPad Pro can make multitasking on web browsers easy and convenient. The new iPad Pro introduces Split view especially for Safari tabs. The feature available on iOS10 will offer lot of convenience to users.

Split view in music app

The iOS 10 version of iPad Pro supports the split view in the music app. For music lovers who are like to keep themselves updated about new songs, albums and artists, the feature is a boon. Music lovers can now easily search tunes in the music app along with reading reviews on the Safari app.

Updated features in news and music

The News and Music apps in the iOS 10 version of the iPad Pro have been redesigned to offer bolder and bigger fonts and images. The navigation bar for the Music app is placed on the left side at the botttom. This allows users to easily toggle between music, recommended playlists and library. Due to the bigger fonts and images, browsing through news on the iOS 10 iPad Pro is easy and convenient.

Changes in landscape lock screen

The iOS 10 iPad Pro has a revamped lock screen. The screen has been systematically designed to display media on the right and rich notifications on the left. This allows users to see all relevant information without unlocking the screen. These features of the iOS 10 iPad Pro are all set to change the iPad App Development India services.